The Fake

Claire is secretly finishing paintings for her famous artist father. Grayson is caught up in a life of petty crime and Claire's dad is his next target.

Chapter 1: New York, New York
Chapter 2: New York, I Love you but You’re Bringing Me Down
Chapter 3: Rhapsody in Blue
Chapter 4: Anything can happen in New York
Chapter 5: Downtown
Chapter 6: All My Friends In New York
Chapter 7: 14th Street Blues
Chapter 8: I Run New York
Chapter 9: Uptown Girl
Chapter 10: Last Exit to Brooklyn
Chapter 11: Stayin’ Alive
Chapter 12: A Heart in New York
Chapter 13: Paper Wings
Chapter 14: Fairy Tale of New York
Chapter 15: The Nearness of You
Chapter 16: Alone in New York
Chapter 17: Come Rain or Come Shine
Chapter 18: You Took the Sunshine from New York
Chapter 19: Fine and Dandy
Chapter 20: It Rains in New York Too
Chapter 21: More Than You Know
Chapter 22: Here’s That Rainy Day
Chapter 23: Saturday in the Park
Chapter 24: Bully of New York
Chapter 25: Feeling Good
Chapter 26: It’s A Long Way To Dear Old Broadway
Chapter 27: In a Mellow Tone
Chapter 28: Goodnight NYC
Chapter 29: Say It Isn’t So
Chapter 30: The Night the Lights Went Out in New York City
Chapter 31: How Long Has This Been Going On
Chapter 32: New York Broken Toy
Chapter 33: Anything Goes
Chapter 34: It Ain’t All Hugs and Handshakes
Chapter 35: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Chapter 36: The Wolf of Manhatten
Chapter 37: Pick Yourself Up
Chapter 38: Underground
Chapter 39: Mood Indigo
Chapter 40: Leaving New York
Chapter 41: Alone Together
Chapter 42: THE FAKE—Super Awesome Bonus Edition!
Chapter 43: Original Version of Chapter 8!
Chapter 44: Chapter Ten, first attempt
Chapter 45: The Kiss
Chapter 46: A telling look at Claire
Chapter 47: Grayson when he was a British kid named Baxter
Chapter 48: Interview with Grayson
Chapter 49: Interview with Claire
Chapter 50: How Grayson met Mr. Gallo
Chapter 51: Bonus Chapter #2 Claire and Grayson hit the Rapids

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