Lyric is a wonderful singer but...
The Falling Star
Jason Taylor
Hi I’m Lyric, I love singing and dancing.. But I get bullied a lot.......
I walk to my locker just to find Macy there..
“Hi Loser” Macy Says.
Her friends snickers.
“Hello Macy...” I halfheartly say.
“You know what... I think you need some makeup” Macy takes some mud from the ground. “Here you go L-“.
“OH MY GOSH!!!! IT’S JASON TAYLOR” somebody screams.
“JASON TAYLOR!!!! OMG!!! Give me WATER NOW!!” She commanded.
Macy and her friends run to the front of the school.
Whew.. That was close.... And who’s Jason Taylor?!?
I walk over to the crowd and ask “Who’s Jason Taylor?”.
Okay now I know..
Bell Rings
While walking to my class I bumped into somebody
“Sorry” I apologize.
“That’s fine, I’m Jason Taylor. Nice you meet you” He says.
“Um.. Lyric River” I said. “OH NO!!! I’m gonna be late!!” I scream.
I run to class.
“Ms River. Mr Taylor. Why are you late” Mrs West asks.
“I’m sorr-“
“Sorry Mrs West I bumped into Lyric here and.... Made her late” Jason said
“But..” I whisper. “Detention Jason” Mrs West Says.
“Bye..” Jason whispers to me.
After School
He got detention... because of me
I waited for him...
Door opens
“Lyric?” Jason Asks.
“I’m So SORRY! Jason” I exclaimed.
“it’s fine” He says.
“O-okay” I stammer.
I walk to the music club room. And start singing
“Say Something, i’m giving up on you i’ll be the one if you want me to Anywhere i would’ve followed you Say Something, i’m giving up on you... and i.... am feeling so small. It was over my head”
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