Alexandre Alvarez
Alexandre Alvarez: The False Emerald
The young lady stood in the ballroom, her hardly-used corset much tighter than she preferred. A beautiful emerald pendant hung about her neck and emerald tears hung from her dainty ears. A tall young gentleman stood beside her, his searching gaze observing every dancer there with keen and minute calculation.
The young man turned to her, and breathed in her ear, “I believe I’ve found the captain. Whatever happens, stay here and wait for me.”
She nodded as the young man gently kissed her neck. Both were to act like young lovers, whether they wanted to or not, all for the achievement of this case. It reminded the young miss of the time, earlier in the prior case of The Thorn Mystery, when her companion had acted somewhat romantically towards her only in order to carry out the fulfillment of an escape from their antagonists.
She had pretended to ignore it and to act as though she hadn’t cared. In all actuality, however, the lady had felt large amounts of hurt from it, as she had always felt small amounts of liking for him.
She watched as he disappeared into the crowd, a look of determination upon his sharp and handsome features. Within a few moments, a commotion broke through at the other side, and the young miss came forward to watch.
Her companion was off behind the doors leading outside. She slipped through, and glanced out to see the young man struggling with another who was indeed the infamous captain. Both being skilled fighters, they were both matching in strength, despite her friend being much younger in age than the captain. With a quick look, the lady observed another man creeping up behind her companion, a silver knife glistening in the moonlight.
She gripped the revolver in her pocket, her palms sweaty. She pulled it out, and came up behind the newcomer silently. As he was about to pounce upon her unknowing compatriot, she shot the gun to the right of her into the well-trimmed bushes beside her. The two fighting men hardly flinched as they fought, but the assumed assassin turned only to find himself face to face with the young lady.
With a punch worthy to that of any famed boxer, she knocked him to the ground, clutching his stomach in pain. She held him there at gunpoint until her companion was finished with his portion.
With a bruised but smiling face, Alexandre Alvarez turned to her as the police burst out to take away the criminals.
“Thank you Marie.” He said, “I am quite glad you disobeyed me, otherwise this arrest would not have gone quite so smoothly.”
The press shortly arrived to take a photograph of the two heroes beside the head detective who had recruited them.
The headline above their black and white image stating proudly, “Infamous Captain Rosé Arrested At Hands of Famed Young Detective”

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Chapter 2

The Paperclip “A trusty comrade is always of use; and a chronicler still more so.”- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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