Alexandre Alvarez
Alexandre Alvarez: The False Emerald
The Store
As soon as the threesome entered the shop, Pierto was already gagging and begging to leave.
“I thought this was supposed to be a jewelry shop, not a gas chamber!”
“Oh Pierto be quiet. You’re overexaggerating. A little perfume never hurt anyone.” Marie muttered back to him.
“Well it’s hurting me so I guess I’m the first. Lucky me.” He whispered back.
“This isn’t a library you two,” Alexandre chuckled, “whispering isn’t the required form of communication.”
Pierto laughed quietly. “Last you said, this place was the lion’s den. I’m sorry if I maybe took you a bit literally and now think this place will bring certain doom upon us.”
“Hello, how may I help you?” It was then that one of the workers emerged from the back door into the front counter. With quick gained theatrics, young Alvarez politely shook his head.
“Thank you sir, but we’re simply looking today.” Answered he.
The man before them was thin and of normal height, it was his thinness that made him appear taller however. Thick arms and broad shoulders showed the man was an active person in exercise. A finely trimmed goatee held onto his chin, a firmly set jaw, and strong beady eyes all gave the impression of a man who would not normally appreciate being seen in such a place as he was now.
“Alright, if you need any help with anything, just holler. I’ll be in the back.” With that he turned and went back through the doors.
Alexandre smiled to himself. “This’ll be much simpler than I thought. Thank the heavens we came on a day when the worker wasn’t so enthusiastic about his employment.”
“I don’t blame him.” Pierto said sympathetically, “This is by far the most horrid place on earth for any self-respecting man to work.”
Marie sighed, “I can think of far worse, and so can you if you put your mind to it.”
Pierto laughed, “I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that you’re right. In this moment in time however, all imagination fails me.”
While this small conversation occurred between Pierto and Marie, Alexandre made his way over to a section of the small store to a display case. Inside he could see several pieces of jewelry. Emeralds, rubies, diamonds, each piece possessed a lovely gemstone as their centre part. Precious gold and silver wove around the gems, creating a dainty and delicate appearance.
“Marie, can you please come here?” Asked he.
The young miss made her way over. “What do you need?”
“A simple bit of advice.” He said, “Which piece possesses a certain quality that would cause you the want to buy it?”
Marie smiled and looked down at the pieces. After a few moments of studying, she pointed to a specific necklace that was quite a handsome little piece of artwork.
Even Pierto thought so.
It wasn’t gaudy nor large and imposing. It was simple but complex all the same. Golden strands wove together in what must have taken the maker much effort and time. One single blue gemstone sat in the centre of the jewelry, held in place by the woven gold strands.
“That’s the one you would be inclined to buy?” Alexandre asked.
She shrugged, “It seems the most favourable in my opinion.”
He nodded, “Alright.”
With slight confusion on his partners’ behalf, he brought out the worker. With a few exchanged words, the two spoke in hushed tones. With a smile on Alexandre’s face, and a polite handshake, the worker made his way over to the case.
Marie had been speaking with Pierto again, telling him that he did not, in fact, need therapy after this excursion. She was at first oblivious to her friend’s doings as she attempted to make sense of Pierto, and young men’s behaviour in general.
It wasn’t until they left the store that she noted Alexandre pocketing a small package. He caught her confused glance and simply smiled.
“You’ll see soon enough.” He said.
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