Alexandre Alvarez
Alexandre Alvarez: The False Emerald
The False Gem
“Well, I have come to the conclusion that Arnold & Comb Jewlers is indeed a connection between the false gemstones.” Alexandre stated as the threesome once again came into the store. It was two days thence from the time that the three friends had first come to the store, but this time things were to be a bit more theatrically pleasing.
As they entered, a young man of great physical appearance was arguing vehemently with the man at the front counter.
“You don’t seem to understand!” He shouted, “I paid over £700 for this blasted ring!”
“Yes, just as you’ve indicated all the other four times.” The man at the counter responded dryly.
“I keep repeating myself because I want those £700 that you refuse to refund me! If I paid for a true diamond ring to give my fiancé, I expect the diamonds to be genuine!”
The man at the counter looked up with a bored expression. “Sir, but according to company policies I can’t refund your money.”
“And apparently you have a policy for cheating your customers as well!” The young man spat, “Terrible customer service, fake products sold for the price of true ones, and complete idiocy, that is what this is! I could bring this before law if I wanted, you know.”
The man at the counter still looked unimpressed.
“Young sir, please step aside I have other customers.”
The young man turned to see the three young people.
“Ah hello, don’t trust this store and don’t buy anything. It’s all overpriced and none of it is true to their claims.” He said with a polite tilt of the hat and a smile. “Good day to you!”
Alexandre shuffled his feet awkwardly. “Well, I’m sorry to bring this upon you,” he said to the worker, “but I also have found that a piece I recently bought is false.”
The man sighed, “I’m sorry but as you heard, guidelines prevent me from refunding your money.”
Alexandre nodded, “I see. Does your company buy from a supplier?” Asked he.
The man looked to Alexandre, “Yes but it is also part of our policy that I don’t give out that information. I’m sorry for the inconvenience young man.”
Young Alvarez bit his bottom lip but then smiled kindly.
“I understand sir. Have a good day.”
With that, the young man turned around and walked out of the store, his companions following behind.
“Come this way.” Said he, gesturing towards the back of the store.
“Alexandre,” Marie stated worriedly, “we could be persecuted for trespassing.”
Alexandre smiled at his friend with a mischievous glint, “Only if they catch us.”
Pierto grinned, “This promises to be entertaining.”
The threesome crept to the back of the store, within an alleyway. The cobbled stone of the building was stained from the pollution of the London fog. A back door led into the store, a few wooden crates sat beside it. A small logo was imprinted on their surfaces.
“Ah, this looks promising.” Alexandre bent down, lifting up one of the crates. “It’s from Yorkshire.”
Pierto threw up his hands, “I don’t understand how you do this Alexandre! It’s sorcery I swear!”
Alexandre grinned, “Pierto hush down, you’ll catch attention. I find it quite helpful when the inscriptions tell me things about an object’s origin.” Said he with a chuckle as he pointed down at the faded maker’s inscription.
Yorkshire, England.
Pierto blushed a considerable amount.
“Ah yes, I see.” He laughed, “I feel a bit stupid now.”
Marie smiled, “You’re not stupid Pierto, you just jumped to a conclusion much too quickly.”
He smiled, “I tend to do that a lot.”
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