Alexandre Alvarez
Alexandre Alvarez: The False Emerald
The Gemstone
Alexandre Alvarez squinted down at the lovely pendant lying beneath his microscope. Just as he’d inferred prior to, it was a fake. He removed it from beneath the lens and swung it from his index finger like a pendulum. Marie turned from speculating through her telescope to Alexandre. His sixteen year-old face emulated extreme intelligence beyond his years, as always. He inspected the “emerald” pendant carefully, nodding and muttering to himself as his suspicions proved correct.
“My, won’t Mrs. Umbriel be pleased to find out that her most prized possession is nothing but a false emerald strung with some fancy looking pearls and sold for a wasted £155.” Said he as he made a ‘tsk tsk’ sound, wearing a slightly amused expression.
Marie glanced up from her stack of novels.
“Yes,” she stated dryly, “she’ll be very amused.”
Alexandre smiled to himself as he tilted the necklace in his hand, observing how the light hit it.
“Does Mrs. Umbriel even know that you’re testing your skills as a gemologist on her ‘most prized possession’ in the first place?” Marie inquired, closing her book and giving the young man a scolding look.
“It is a possibility that she may be ignorant to my doings.” Alexandre replied innocently.
Marie sighed, opening her book back up.
“You’re being quite boring.” Alexandre said.
Marie looked back up with a scowl.
“I’m sorry I can’t entertain you all twenty four hours of the day.”
Alexandre scrunched his brows and looked to his friend in confusion.
“I wasn’t talking to you.” Said he.
“Well then, who were you talking to?”
Alexandre held up the necklace, still dangling by his index finger.
“You know, Alexandre, I don’t think speaking to a gemstone classifies as healthy.” Marie smiled.
Young Alvarez coughed, “You don’t think anything I do in my spare time is healthy.”
Marie laughed, “That’s not a compliment you know.”
Alexandre turned to her, placing his eyeglasses on the table. His keen brown eyes held a mischievous glint.
“Says who?” He asked.
“Me.” She stated, still reading her book.
Alexandre smiled in a goodhearted way. Marie never failed when it came to making small remarks of good humour.
“What are you reading today?” Asked he.
The young miss hardly glanced up, “Jane Eyre.”
Young Alvarez yawned, “What a bore. I’m sorry you’ve brought that upon yourself.”
Marie dropped the book into her lap, raising an eyebrow at her friend.
“Alexandre, you don’t see me here criticizing what you read, now do you?”
The young man smiled angelically, twirling in his seat.
“When you do that,” Marie said, holding back laughter, “it’s quite hard to take you seriously.”
Alexandre halted and gave Marie a sly smile, “What if I don’t want to be taken seriously?”
“Blimey! Alexandre Alvarez not wanting to be taken seriously? You must be joking!”
“Ah, hullo Pierto.” Alexandre chuckled.
Pierto entered the room, looking down at Alexandre’s notes. He peered down at them for a moment, as the time progressed his brows furrowed even further in confusion.
“I give up Alexandre, how do you even find this interesting! Who cares what carbon monoxide is!”
Alexandre laughed to himself.
“What’s so funny?” Pierto asked.
“Pierto, carbon monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas. ” Alexandre looked down at his notes with a small smile.
“Well then why couldn’t you just label it ‘extremely poisonous gas’? What’s so difficult about that? If anything it makes it simpler.”
“I like to put down its actual scientific name thank you very much.” Alexandre stated.
Pierto sighed and looked to Marie.
“Why isn’t it ever you?” He asked.
The young miss giggled.
“Because, I’ve caught on that it’s never a good idea to question Alexandre’s methods.”
Alexandre smiled, now peering down at the maker’s inscription on the back of the necklace.
“Marie, do you know of Arnold & Comb Jewelers?”
Miss Small looked over. “Yes, why?”
“I’ll answer that later.” Alexandre stated, “Do you shop there?”
“Well, when I go to London with Anne we like to go through there and take a look in their store. I think Anne has bought one or two pieces of jewelry from them.”
“Would you mind fetching those pieces for me?” Asked he.
Marie scowled.
“Alexandre, just because Mrs. Umbriel allows you to take her expensive jewelry, it doesn’t mean that Anne will be as forgiving if she finds those pieces missing.”
Alexandre smiled, “May I remind you that Mrs. Umbriel doesn’t know they’re missing.”
“By Jove! Alexandre you don’t seem to realize how awful that is.” Marie scolded. “I still can’t believe you did that.”
Pierto began laughing, “Alexandre stole Mrs. Umbriel’s jewelry?”
“I didn’t steal anything.” Alexandre grumbled, “I simply borrowed it for studying purposes.”
“Without her knowledge.” Marie added, “If you ask me, that qualifies as stealing.”
Pierto arched an eyebrow, “You know, she is right Alexandre.”
Young Alvarez sighed. “I’m going to put it back. It’s not like I’m going to sell it or take it apart. I’m simply looking at it!”
Marie sighed, “I’ll go get the jewelry.”
Alexandre smiled kindly, “Thank you Marie!”
Pierto looked down at Marie’s book laying on the table and made a face.
“Jane Eyre? How can you bring yourself to read something so long and boring?” He asked.
Marie’s displeasure deepened as Alexandre gave her an I-told-you-so sort of look.
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