By cecily gunderman and jacob ABELL (Characters from “Believe”)
The Fence Between
Introduction to the Magical World
It’s quite funny that the only thing separating two warring worlds is a fence.
That being said, it isn’t a wooden fence, rotting away — more of a solid wall with two different materials on each side. The Magical World’s fence is made of purple crystal. It’s very tough, almost impossible to break through without magic. Not that the Warmakers didn’t find a way.
The Warmakers, or the Human World… I don’t know what their side of the fence looks like. The Elders have never told the public, and my parents say to stay away, far away, from the barrier.
The job of Magical adolescents, our teachers say, is to grow up and aid the war in any way possible. Learn magic, stick to your part of the hierarchy. Don’t ever cross the fence, unless you’re a soldier.
The Magical World is quite complicated — the Elders on the Council say that our world is much more civilized and superior than the Human World. But I’ve been living as a fairy for sixteen years, and I think the Magical World is quite unlike what they claim. We stay close to our own kind, and almost never mingle with anyone other than the Elders.
Elders are older, wiser witches and wizards. They run our large world, the Council does. They’re chosen by the most powerful creature in our world, the Pegasus. Twenty-one of them.
Below them are the regular witches and wizards. They can be newborns or teens or adults, so they’re a large group. Wizards are very powerful, with amazing spells that could do anything with enough determination. They’re all very intelligent, but the whole lot of them are conceited and full of themselves - at least the ones I’ve met. They’re always acting like they’re better than the rest of us, flouncing around in dark robes and wands that shine and glow.
And then there are us, the fairies. We start off as pixies until we have full size wings, and then we become fairies. There are many different types of them, and I’m a fire fairy. We’re the most powerful type, so it’s kind of nice to be able to manipulate flames and embers and show it off to my fairy friends at school.
The mermaids and mermen are below us. I think they’re all quite beautiful and nice, but they’re all afraid of me and my family, seeing as we’re fire fairies and all. They live under the sea, so I never really see them around. It’d been nice to see what they do once in a while. They’re particularly good at luring people into their spells, and they can used seaweed and sea plants to tie our enemies up. Countless Warmakers have fallen to merpeople.
Then there are the elves. They’re cunning little things, which is why they aren’t really respected in the Magical World. They skip around and travel in packs, always coming up with ways to pickpocket. I dislike most of them. Once, I got twenty denarii stolen right out of my bag. But I have a secret friend that’s an elf. Her name is Elle, and she’s a shy elf. An outcast in her class, but nice all the while. She was afraid to make friends with me, since we can’t talk to other classes unless the higher class is ordering the lower around. It’s an unfair system, but Elle has gotten comfortable around me.
Oh, and I despise the next group. The leprechauns are the scum of the hierarchy, if I’m to be quite blunt about it. They’re extremely greedy and secretive, sly and cunning, and they value money above all things. You would think they would be the richest, but the Elders always take the most denarii from them, which is why they’re always upset about our world. They’re all short and stout, with horrible hygiene and rancid breath. Leprechauns hate the hierarchy, and a lot of them receive punishment for treating higher creatures with no respect.
The very bottom class of our world’s caste system are the monsters. The Chimera, the Sphinx, the Lochness Monster, the werewolves, and the like. They’re very powerful, but hundreds of years ago they tried to overthrow the Elder Council. So the wizards keep them locked up under ground, with elves often guarding them. Almost no one ever sees them. The monsters are immortal, so they’re always a threat.
My friends and my family love the Magical World. Us being high up the system, they find life enjoyable and completely fair. To their defense, they haven’t ever seen the life outside of our class, and never see the desperate times the lower classes have faced for years. But I see how Elle always looks like she could devour a cow, or the leprechauns walk around the Market in tattered clothes. No one else notices, no one cares.
That’s just one reason why I hate the Magical World. Even though the teachers at pixie and fairy school tell us that the Human World, or the Land of the Warmakers, is a terrible place, and even though if I go up the Crystal Mountain high enough, I can see the carnage and dust, I’d rather be there. I can explain the other reasons later… but I’ll tell you this now —
I’m going to get out of here.

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