There has to be an End
The Final Fight
“RUN!” Aster yells as the castle of the evil sorceress Clove begins to crumble and turn into a steady stream of lava. I begin to sprint, gripping my sword in my right hand. I continue running through the Shadow Woods, a forest that contains your wildest fears as a weapon.
The voices start to enter my head. The screams of the innocent throb uncontrollably and then my biggest fear comes to light. Off in the distance, I see a translucent being with beautiful auburn hair. Only one family in the kingdom has auburn hair, the royal family. I should know, it is my hair color.
“Daughter, why did you?” The ghost of my late mother speaks. Suddenly, I am not in the Shadow Woods anymore. I am in the castle sneaking up on Clove, who is pretending to be my mother. I raise my sword and stab her through the gut. She gasps and says,”Crissie!” She collapses and I realize it isn’t Clove, it is my mother. Crissie is the nickname my mother gave me.
She is lying on the floor. Castle servants have us surrounded along with my twin brother, Aster and father, King Alexander. I drop to my knees, and tears begin to flow out of mother’s eyes. She grips my hand and stares deeply in my eyes. Her ivory dress is now scarlet from blood. Color leaves her face, and she loses her grip. I was once told death is stronger than life. This was the one time I actually believed it.
One of the servant’s mouths open and out came the voice of my brother. “Christina, it’s not real. I see them too. You have to fight it.”
I woke up from the trance and started running again. I caught up to Aster , and we noticed the faint shimmer off the wall that seperated Rilith and Abel, Clove’s kingdom. The river of lava was picking up speed. Aster and I jumped through the forcefield. It was no longer made of the usual bubble like substance.
Instead, it was made of glass. We jumped, and it shattered. Fragments of the glass scattered across the dirt trail that lead into the west side of the castle. Waiting for us were our horses. Aster leaped ontop of his Arabian stead, Firelit, and I mounted onto mine, Moonstone. Our horses galloped towards the castle as our path was lit by the bright lava behind us.
About a half hour later, we entered the cast iron gates of the castle. We both dismounted our horses as the head maid, Miss Grace burst through the gargantuan front doors.
“Prince Aster, Princess Christina, come quick!” Miss Grace exclaimed.
We followed her quickly through the castle towards my father’s chambers. Aster opened the doors, and inside my father was lying, sleeping, on his bed, surrounded by servants and the castle doctor. The docotor looked up and spoke.
“Your father is dying. He was poisened by Clove.”
Aster and I rushed to his side. Father opened his eyes and Aster whispered, “Father.”
Father looked to us and spoke,”You both have done well.”
A tear dropped out of his eye and his eyes closed. He was dead. I turned around, set my head on Aster’s shoulder, and wept.
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