Not all stories begin with “once upon a time”
Ariden: The Land of Dragons
Author’s note:
When you think about it, most stories don’t begin at the beginning. The character is introduced through some sort of action or in the middle of some intriguing scene. The characters then goes to the courtesy of telling the reader every little detail about every moment that led up to the present scene, and it does what?
It takes up an entire book.
(Talk about exhausting.)
Because I am bored and have nothing else better to do, I am going to write a story that starts right darn smack in the middle.
Here goes nothing.
The water rippled above my head, and I felt my lungs slowly filling with water. I tried to scream, to breath, to do something.
All my logical thoughts disappeared.
My own instinctual thoughts kicked in and all my reasoning went out the window.
I thrashed and convulsed as my body slowly sank further and further from the surface of the ocean. Darkness slowly enveloped me and my body began breathing in water even though I knew, way back in the depths of my mind, that I was only killing myself. I was coughing and screaming, as my own body began to betray me.
Instinct for survival came before true thought.
And sometimes that could kill you.
Nothing flashed before my eyes, probably because if anything did, it would kill me even more so.
My life was not one worth seeing again.
But that definitely didn’t mean I wanted to die.
Not yet!
I was still young.
I was intelligent.
I had so much ahead of me.
Yet here I was, dying a horribly painful death.
A slow death, that I was pretty sure I didn’t deserve.
As I gasped and choked for air that was now so far above me, I began to see yellow spots before my eyes and I felt myself lose consciousness.
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