The First Kiss
Always dreamed
Dear Diary,
I always thought he would ask me. I didn’t think I would have to ask him. Of course we never thought that we would be best friends until we were. Our parents thought it was just a coincidence that we were born on the same day. They should have known that there are no coincidences in Creek falls. Everyone already thinks that we are dating so why can’t we just do it already. Boys just don’t understand what all girls do. When we were little we would always play all day and have so much fun with it that was when we were little.
We would play all day when we were 6 or 7 why can’t we do that again? Answer: he acts different now that we are older, I guess. Boys are weird like that apparently. It makes me sad that he ignores me now, well he talks to me, but I have to start the conversation. He is weird like that, but at least we still celebrate our birthdays together.

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Chapter 2

I see her in math class Jacob

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