alexey haycock
The Fog
‘’okay is everything ready?’’ called Jayden as he sat patiently in the driver’s seat. ‘’She’s all good Jay, you can start her up’’ replied Damian as he slammed the boot. ‘’Have you remembered to bring an extra first aid kit?’’ chimed Denisse.’’yeah yeah uhh... yes i have, now let’s go, he cant pitch our tents in the dark’’
It was the perfect time in the year for a camping trip in Yosemite national park. The lush greenery, fresh air and the amazing view will be all worth it for these three university students. It was their public holiday and they scraped enough money together for an escape.
Jayden. 21 years old, he’s a computer geek, loves socialising and loves camping and the outdoors. he’s known as a quiet, good person but when you press his buttons you’ll find out that his fuse is quite short.
Denisse. 22 years of age, she’s soft and kind and outgoing and loves nature and is popular on the social medias, and is an extrovert. she’s fun but can be easily annoyed if someone annoys her.
Damian. 22 years old. he’s a gentleman, kind strong,and loves his cars. He has a lot of friends and is popular in the neighbourhood, he’s really outgoing and good but can blow his top easily if his friends are in danger.
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