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The Friendship Code-Guide
What’s Up?
Hey guys it’s me, @fandomprincess, and this book is basically just a guide for the Friendship Code.
So the reason that I’m writing this guide is because I have so many ideas for the Friendship Code, but I’m too lazy to leave reminders, and when I do make reminders, I usually forget where they are. So where better to keep things safe then on Storybird?
So this guide will give you special insight on my book. I might even do it for my books as well.
But one thing that I ask is that, is I put at the beginning of each update is that you don’t read it until you’ve reached a specific in The Friendship Code. If you read the chapter here, before you read the chapter. It’ll just ruin the chapter for you, trust me.
This guide is just to give you something to look forward to in chapters.
Now onward!
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