If you like friendship stories then read:
The Friendship Tree
Lola Springs is ten. She’s very shy, and finds it hard to make friends. Wherever she goes, Lola feels like she’s the odd one out and that for some reason she doesn’t belong. All she needs is a bit of courage. Confidence.
“Mum, can I walk to the stream? Maybe I could bring a picnic”. Lola appears at the kitchen door, earnestly throwing the idea at her mother. Mrs Springs turns to look at her daughter and smiles. “Of course. How about you go with your friend, Dawn?” Lola can feel her face turning a beetroot red. Now was not the time to confess that Dawn was just imaginary, and not the real friend Lola pretends to have every time her mother asks her about her mates at school. The truth was, Lola doesn’t have any friends. She spends her lunchtimes reading, or watching the groups of girls in her class have fun - chatting loudly about neon nail varnish, sleepovers and romance movies. “Oh er - Dawn is visiting her grandmother today”, Lola babbles, hurriedly making an excuse up on the spot. “Right. Never mind sweetheart. Another time, eh? Now, I’ll get your picnic sorted”, Mrs Springs replies, bustling around the kitchen, busy as a bee. 15 minutes later, Mrs Springs has packed the picnic basket so it’s bursting with delicious treats. Sausage rolls and chicken kebabs, jam tarts and fruit cake, and a flask full of tea. “Enjoy!” Mrs Springs calls, waving from the front door as Lola sets off along the path. “Bye mum, and thanks!” Lola beams, swinging the picnic basket and disappearing out of sight. Mrs Springs waves one last time and sighs. “What a girl”, she murmurs. “What a girl”...
a’sla skips down the stony path, following the many twists and turns into the woods. She had made this journey so many times before that she could walk it blindfolded! Finally, she arrives at a clearing by the stream, and lays out the checkered picnic blanket. Then she unpacks the food and sits down. Little goldfinches hop around looking for crumbs, and rabbits peer at Lola from behind a huge oak tree. This tree is quite special, as you will soon find out. It is Lola’s favourite place to be - and her friends are the animals and nature there with her...

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