The Girl in the Mansion
It was three in the morning, and I had snuck to the abandoned mansion across town. I had made quite a racket getting my bike, but luckily, my parents and brother are all heavy sleepers.
I looked up at the highest, largest balcony. Some girl—I didn’t know who she was because it was dark, and she just looked like a shadow—was sitting on the fence that lined the edge of the balcony.
I just stared at her. She was around a hundred feet high sitting up there, and the fence (from what I could tell) was not very thick.
I could tell she had a long skirt on, but the only other feature I saw were her blue eyes.
Her eyes looked like tiny electric-blue dots in the distance that seemed to glow in the darkness of the witching hour.
The girl seemed to be glaring at me, so I hid in the mansion without thinking.
The mansion’s heavy door clicked shut behind me, and I turned to a long, spiraling staircase in the centre of the room I was in.
I saw a girl sliding down the golden railing. She looked about my age (thirteen) and she had a black cold-shoulder dress on, with black-and-white striped tights and black leather boots. She had short black hair and black lipstick.
By looking at her slightly glowing blue eyes, I could tell she was the same girl who sat on the fence.
She grasped my wrist and dragged me downstairs, to the basement.
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