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the girl on the balcony.
once upon a time lived a girl called Stephany when she was bored she often liked to go out on the balcony she almost did everything on the balcony for example she asked Christian out and ever since they have been together and have been thinking about getting married.
The Boyfriend chapter 2 the next day they planned to go to the beach with there friend Emma they even had a volley ball net.The next day Christian and Stephany went on a date they went to the Orient.
They both were so nervous it was like being on the edge of a building it was that scary on the way there they got held up on the M fifty from a crash luckily no one got hurt but they only had two minutes to get there they only just about got there but when she was on the alter she realised that this was a life commitment so when the priest asked she ran away back to the balcony

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