The Girl Who Came Back To Life
I woke up gasping for air not knowing what had happened. I thought to myself, “_I don’t understand. I saw the light, how can I be alive? Why am I alive? Is this real?”_ I am sure that if you were in my situation, you would be thinking these things too.
“Where am I?” I spoke aloud even though there was no one else there. I felt so clueless, so helpless, not knowing where I was, why I was brought back to Earth, and what was in store for me in the future.
I pinched myself just to make sure that this wasn’t all a dream. That I was still in heaven where everything was so warm and welcoming. Where I had know idea that anything like this would ever happen. Even now, I don’t know what will become of myself. That, is something that I had to find out myself. Something that won’t be explained until I have remembered how to live on Earth. Until I remembered how it felt to die.

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