a lair who gets what she deserves
The Girl Who Cried
The Boy who cried Wolf
This story is based on the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Ever really thought of that story? Keep in mind that story took place when they didn’t have much for entertainment, no board games (That I know of) no iPods, iPads, phones, and books were probably expensive (I guess they still are) I could go on and on but hopefully you get the point, so The Boy was probably seriously bored. His boredom was probably the reason he ‘cried wolf’ for no reason. I’m not saying what he did was okay, because he scared all the villagers and got all the brave men to come running over to where he was with all sorts of weapons and stuff, for nothing. After he cried ‘wolf’ a couple of times they just gave up, even when there actually was a wolf. You see ‘trust is hard to earn but easy to lose’, (Your life is easy to lose too, he should have thought of that) which is the exact moral or lesson to be learned from The boy who cried wolf. In my opinion the boy (I keep calling him ‘The boy’ because I don’t know his name) probably wasn’t very smart and wasn’t taught life lessons which is why he had an unfortunate fate. Usually the version of the story changes when the wolf comes along. Either the wolf eats the boy or it terrorizes the village. Most of the time. In a little kiddie version that probably won’t happen though.
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