The Great Bold Book of Emphasis
Once long ago — well, okay, not that long ago — books across the Storybird universe lacked emphasis. Text was plain and unadorned. There was a emptiness of expression across all paragraphs. Life dragged on, each screen scroll bereft of benefit.
Then came The Great Bold Book of Emphasis showing a better way. The book appeared suddenly, and with a BOOM, it was thrust upon the world. Now writers everywhere could have Titles and expression and even Titles With Expression all buried in what had once been nothing more than plain text.
The Great Bold Book of Emphasis was also filled with knowledge. The first rule, “Add an underline before and after any text to convert that text to italics. The second was like the first, “Add an asterisk before and after any text to make it bold.” The third was: Mix and match for fun combinations.
It was a quiet, sleepy Friday afternoon when The Great Bold Book of Emphasis came into being. Storybird users worked and played, some even actually slept, but all were unaware of the great change come their way. Thanks to the efforts of one noble developer and a handful of users who had begged for a better way, The Great Bold Book of Emphasis entered our land to stay.
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