The Green Girl
Hello, ciao, hola, hallo, bonjour, dia duit, hallå; I’m The Green Girl. I bet you’re wondering, ‘what does this book talk about?’, but don’t worry, you’ll see.
Welcome to my blog.
The other night, I dreamed I was in school and the teachers were possessed. OMG. It was cool, but scary. Anyways, why did we change subject? Wait...we didn’t. We haven’t even started! Mm, what can I start with? Let me think...a-ha!
Well, really I’m not green. Well, in a sense I’m green: I’ve put some paint on my face. I know some green people, my teddy Munku. What? He’s not a person? Really? Ah, yeah, you’re right.
Let’s change subject. I’m going to talk about Puffs, those ‘chairs’ with tiny polyester balls inside. Actually I’m sitting on one now in my room. It’s green and purple.
Yesterday I taped a movie with my two best friends and we were kind of gypsies which lived under a bridge. But I had my iPhone, so it was strange...well, let’s just say I found it in the trash and fixed it. Yeah. Anyway, we uploaded a song online and a producer asked us to his office and we became pop stars.
OMG I’ve changed subject again! This diary is total Nonsense with a capital n.
Wait, lunch’s ready. I gotta go!

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Lunch is Over, Homework Starts

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