The Grimm Tales
#1 The Story Breaker
The Fort
Philip Grimm gazed proudly at the extensive pillow fort he and his sister, Charlotte, had made. They would build the most elaborate forts they could without getting in them, this one was their best one yet, it was meant to look like an old castle. Charlotte sat on the last dining-room chair and looked up from her designing pad.
“Yep,” she said as she looked back and forth between her pad and the fort, “it looks exactly as planned.” Charlotte’s pad contained the drawings of all the forts they had ever made, and ones that they planned to make.
“It’s ready,” said Philip, “we can go in now. I thought of this one, I’ll go in first.” He saw his sister’s scowl, but she let him go first. He brushed his long, dirty-blond hair out of his eyes as he crouched down to enter the small opening. He crawled in, careful not to disturb any of the pillows.
“Alright, Charlotte, you can come in now,” he heard her slide of the chair and get on to all fours, “careful, now.”
“I know!” Was her irritated reply. In a moment he saw a strand of her thick, golden-blonde hair appearing through the opening, soon her whole body was in sight and in the fort.
“It’s amazing in here!” She said when she sat down. He looked around, he hadn’t really been able to look at it much because he had been so worried about his sister knocking it down.
“This is where the Queen’s room is,” said Charlotte happily, pointing in one direction. “And this is where the Great Hall is.” She made a grand sweeping gesture with her arm toward to the largest part of the fort. Philip cringed as her fingertips just barely cleared the weight-bearing mattresses forming the castle’s foundation.
“Philip, this is the best on ever!” Charlotte grinned, but then her grin faded.. “I don’t want to take it down so soon. Usually we get to play in it all day!”
“I know, but remember Mom and Dad made us promise to take it down because they’re having some boring people over for dinner, from their work,” said Philip.
“Can we take a picture of it?”
“Great idea!” said Philip. “We can take lots of pictures. I’ll get my camera.” He clambered out of the fort and was going to run to his room . . . except his room was gone, the house was gone, all he could see were miles and miles of green stalks.
“Uh, Charlotte, you might want to come out . . . we’re in the middle of a corn maze.”

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