The Heroes of Mossfall forest
A fire crackled in front of Jayden. Tonight was just like every other night. He was sitting there, eating what was left of his most recent trip into the Kingdom. He was terrified of going back into the kingdom. Just a few days earlier, He saved four people’s lives. And He didn’t want any recognition for it. He’d have to go back soon though. He would need to meet with Caleb soon. Then he saw it. Someone running. Not to something, but from something. Jayden went to go see what was happening.
“Hey! He called out to the person running “Stop!”
The person looked back and came to a quick stop when they saw his face. It was a girl. Then a boy was running up to Jayden.
“What are you two doing?” Jayden asked.
“Running.” The boy said.
“From what?” Jayden asked.
“I don’t know what it was, but it’s gone now.”
“Okay, whatever. Come with me, and no more running, Unless I say.” Jayden said.
The three of them walked back to Jaydens camp. The fire was still burning in front of them.
“So. Tell me where you’re from, and why you’re here.” Jayden said to them.
“We came into mossfall yesterday. We’re here for the same reason you are. We were pathfinders in a smaller area before, but now were here. I’m Aiden Kamner, This is my old friend, Cara Rhodes. We decided to come here a few days ago.” The boy, Aiden explained.
“Alright. You guys can join me for awhile, just don’t do anything stupid. We’re leaving early tomorrow, so you might want to go to sleep.”
Jayden laid on his back, staring through a tangle of leafs. He felt like he’d never go to sleep. He was thinking about how tomorrow would be. He’d be going straight into the kingdom. He would do his best to hide who he was, but the scar on his arm was impossible to hide. Someone would figure out that he was in the streets of Cerrinia. Despite all of his worries, The darkness of sleep finally was able to consume him, and He was asleep.
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