The Heroes of Mossfall forest
No. Not yet. No.
Jayden moved to his own area of the cave, letting Ian think. He listened to Cara and Aiden’s conversation, they were quiet, but loud enough so he could hear.
“I’m worried about him. If the forest dying has the possiblity of killing adepts, then, can’t whatever’s happening to Caleb happen to Jayden?” Cara said.
“I think that for now, we just have to have hope. We have to believe that Jayden is stronger than whatever is happening to Caleb, and that Caleb is strong enough to beat it.”
Thier conversation ended. Jayden had a small coughing fit. No. he thought not now. Aiden looked at him suspiciously. Ian waved at him, telling him to go over to him.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah… I think… for now anyway.”
“You should probably go to sleep Jayden. We have a lot to do, and you have to fight whatever’s happening to you.”
“The Contamination.” Jayden said.
“An Adept pathfinder gets ‘contaminated’ when thier outset dies, or is damaged.”
“And the only cure for that are the divine flowers?”
“Yeah. You make them with a few different mixtures.”
“Do you know how?”
“No. But I know someone who does.”
“Abigail Spinozza.”
“Jayden. Are you crazy? She’s twelve and in line to lead Myrfall. We won’t even be able to talk to her.”
“I guess it’s time to reveal my past.” Jayden said loudly.
“Go ahead.” Ian said.
“Well, I guess this will be enough. Yeah, shes twelve. But she’s obsessed with all of that. Seven years ago, before I came here, my full, real name is Jayden Ian Spinozza. She helped save my life. She’s my sister.”
They stared at him. He knew they’d find out. He was glad he told them.
“We have to-” Jaydens speaking was interrupted by another coughing fit, followed by one from Caleb.
“We have to get to Myrfall, All of us.”
So they started thinking about how to get there.
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