The Heroes of Mossfall forest
Jayden woke up a few minutes later, warmth filling his body. Aiden and Ian had thier hands on his arms. Cara was on her knees above his head.
“What should we do now?” Aiden asked.
“We wait. Let him sleep. Sometimes the the things we can do aren’t enough, but we’ll keep trying… We have to.” Ian said.
“He’s still in pain. His head.” Cara said.
“How do you know?” Aiden asked.
“I’m a communicator, and me and Jayden, were… I guess were connected somehow. A few days ago, before we left the cave, I woke up with pain that I knew wasn’t mine, All throughout the right side of my body. I felt sad, and some part of me knew that I was feeling everything that Jayden was… In his dreams.” Cara explained.
“So you can feel what he feels all of the time?” Ian asked.
“Sortof, I have to look a little harder sometimes, Like right now.”
“It’s not rare for Jayden to feel random pain. Or any. The attack messed him up, bad.” A voice said, Caleb.
“Caleb… How’re you doing?” Aiden asked.
“As good as I can be with a part of me literally dead.”
“Thats a good point. Anyway, what significance does what you just said have to do with anything happening?” Aiden asked.
“I’ve still got his capsule. It’ll help.” Caleb got up and grabbed the bag that Jayden had been carrying for him. He dug around in it until he found it. It was a necklace with a dark blue diamond-like jewel attached to it. Caleb brought it over to them, and gave it to Cara. She put it on his neck. The warmth he had felt from Ian and Aiden’s healing was replaced by cold. The cold got rid of his pain.
“How are you so strong right now? We’ve been carrying you around for two days.” Cara asked.
“The Contamination or whatever its called, It effects each pathfinder differently. Those effects can go away, but only for short amounts of time. I’ll be back the way I was yesterday by the end of the day tomorrow. We need to move faster. We’re only at A9, and A1 leads you out of here.”
Caleb was right. The sun was starting to come up.
“We need to move.” Caleb said.
“What do we do about Jayden?” Cara asked.
“Help him move for a day. I’ll be fine for today.” Caleb said.
The group started gathering up the supplies from thier camp.
“Let’s move!” Caleb announced as Jayden wrapped himself in a thin blanket, as if to protect him from the cold inside of him. Aiden helped him get up and Jayden constantly used his friend for support. They kept moving.
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