The Heroes of Mossfall forest
The first thing Jayden thought about when he woke up was the scar on his right arm. He wanted to cover it so bad, but it was to big. It went all the way down his entire arm. It’s how people knew it was him in public places. He got Cara and Aiden and they headed into Cerrinia. Before they entered the Kingdom, Jayden slipped on a grey hat. Then they walked into the area. Jayden ran straight to the building that he was heading to. Inside he met Caleb.
“Give me something to cover this scar.” Jayden said.
“All I’ve got that’ll cover that much skin is a bandage.” Caleb said.
“Whatever. That works.”
“Here.” Caleb said handing Jayden a grey bandage. He wrapped around his right arm the best he could.
“What else do you need?” Caleb asked.
“One pack of food, and a few weapons.”
“Who are those guys?” Caleb asked, gathering the stuff Jayden had asked for.
“Just some people I found wandering the forest.”
“You know, you don’t have to save everyone. Let me remind you, You’re only seventeen.”
“I didn’t save them. They’ve got potential.”
“Here’s your stuff.” Caleb said, putting a large bag on the table.
“Thanks.” Jayden said.
“Aiden, Cara. Let’s go.” Jayden said to his friends.
They walked back to camp in the forest. Jayden handed weapons to all of them, and grabbed a knife with his left hand, as he had become used to after the accident.
“What are these for?” Aiden asked.
“I’ve been in this forest since I was ten. I’m different, and something is changing. Something is happening, and I don’t know what it is.”
And it terrified him.
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