The Heroes of Mossfall forest
Jayden woke up. The room felt cold. Cara was asleep on the chair next to him, Ian and Aiden were sleeping on the other side of the room. Abigail was working on something.
“What you doing?” Jayden asked quietly.
“I’m forming the crystal. Be quiet.”
Jayden looked around the room. He wanted Cara to wake up, he needed someone to talk to. He watched Abigail dump different things in the liquid.
After awhile, Cara woke up. They were talking quietly.
“Tell me more about you, Cara. You know almost everything about me, let me learn about you.”
“Well, here’s what you know; My name is Cara Rhodes, I am 17 years old, I’ve known Aiden Kamner pretty much my entire life. Here’s what you don’t know; I have nobody to go home to, No parents, nothing. I love being outside. I hate, and I shouldn’t say this, I hate how stupid Aiden can be. That’s really all that you need to know about me.”
“There’s a few other things I’ve noticed about you.”
“Like what?”
“You never lose hope, and you care about everyone around you. Also your eyes, There really bright green.”
“That’s a little strange, Jayden.”
“Do you not look people in the eyes when you talk to them?”
“I guess you’re right. And yours are really blue.”
“That’s a little strange, Cara.” Jayden said, and Cara laughed.
An hour later, Abigail had created the diamond for caleb. She put it on him. Color filled his face. Jayden suddenly felt dizzy. He was standing next to Caleb’s bed. He fell to the ground and felt a sharp pain under his shoulder, then cold. Blood. Then he was being lifted up, and set on a chair.
Authors note:
This is the end of book one! Book two will be linked in the comments! I hope you’re liking the series.
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