The Heroes of Mossfall forest
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Jayden was lying on the ground again. He was thinking about his ‘accident’. He hasn’t gotten involved with another pathfinder sense it happened. He had agreed to partner with another pathfinder, three years ago. The pathfinder attacked Jayden after he prevented him from taking a fragment. He left Jayden seriously injured. The scar on his arm was a constant reminder of what had happened, that was the main reason he wanted to keep it covered. Jayden once again felt that he might never sleep, but at some point in the night, he was finally able to sleep. The blinding light of the sun woke him up the next morning.
“Get up. Were behind. We have to go now.” He said to his friends, Looking up at the sun.
“How are we behind? Its early.” Aiden asked.
“I was planning to leave just at sunrise. We have to get to the Eastern Sanctuary. It’s a long walk from here to there.”
“Alright.” Aiden said, lifting Cara off the ground.
“Grab the weapons I gave you last night.”
Cara and Aiden did what Jayden said. The group went off towards the Eastern Sanctuary. There was a sound from in front of Jayden. Someone walked out from behind a bunch of tall bushes. Jayden followed his first instinct and swung his fist at the person. He hit them in the face.
“Really Jayden? Its me, Caleb!” They yelled.
“Seriously, Caleb? You know that you need to give more warning than that!” Jayden yelled back.
“Whatever. A guard of Cerrinia sent me.”
“What do they want?” Jayden asked, annoyed.
“They don’t want anything. They’re and old friend of yours. They sent me to warn you. Something is happening.”
“He’s definitely an experience Pathfinder. Did he have something like this?” Jayded asked, Showing him a mark, the shape of a small leaf, on his left wrist.
“Yeah. Something like that. He wanted me to tell you that the forest, and all of its secrets are in danger, and if you can’t stop it, nobody can. He said ther’d be three of you. He gave me these.” He said, handing Jayden three small necklaces. Each one of them had something that looked like broken glass attached to the end of them. He noticed that Caleb was wearing one.
“You too?” Jayden asked him.
“Me too. We have to do something.” Caleb said
“But what is happening?” Aiden asked from behind.
“I can’t tell you yet.”
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