The Heroes of Mossfall forest
Jayden and his group were walking through the forest again. Jayden was carefully studying every part of the path they were taking.
“How do you always know where you’re going?” Aiden asked from behind.
“I’m and Adept. I’ve taken this path too many times to count.”
“Adept?” Cara asked.
“Yeah. Adept. That’s what the leaf means. The most experienced in Mossfall.” Jayden explained.
“Is that where were going?” Caleb asked, pointing at a building that seemed to be glowing in the early morning light.
“Yeah. That’s the Eastern Sanctuary.” Jayden replied.
“Why does it look like that? The glowing?” Cara asked from behind.
“The walls are made of glass. You can’t see in, but you can see out.” Jayden explained to his friend
They kept walking toward the building. Once they reached the building, a loud voice filled the air.
“Who’s there?” It was a deep voice, but it came straight out of the air. It belonged to nobody.
“Jayden Mazrik. A001.” As Jayden spoke, the wall in front of them seemed to dissolve. They walked in. Jayden was surprised that Cara and Aiden could even see the building. They weren’t Adepts. Caleb was, but he kept that a secret. In the center of the room there was a square, and an X on each side of the square. Jayden walked up to one of the X’s and knelt on it. Caleb did the same, as he had done before. Cara and Aiden did the same. A wind blew from the middle of the room.
“Everyone run!” Jayden yelled said.
Everyone listened. The all ran into the corners of the building. A strong wind, like standing in an explosion. The building was collapsing. The glass-like matiral around them was shattering.
“Everyone out. Now!” Jayden screamed.
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