The Heroes of Mossfall forest
The three of them ran after Aiden. He led them straight to a lake, but there was something weird about it. The trees and plants around them were dying. This was unusual. Never destroy forest life Jayden thought. That was the number one rule, The one thing you had to know to be a pathfinder.
“Aiden. What is this?” Jayden asked.
“I have no Idea. All I know is that this isn’t normal.”
Jayden walked over to one of the trees and searched it for a marking. He found it near the bottom, HP1. Jaden knew exactly where they were now.
“Caleb. Come here.” Jayden called out.
Caleb appeared at Jayden’s side a few seconds later. Jaden gestured to the marking at the base of the tree. A loud boom filled the air. Thunder. The sky was quickly turning to a dark grey.
“Nearest cave is at A90. We have to move, That storm does not look friendly.” Caleb said.
“Lets move, guys!” Jayden called out.
The group walked through the forest, until they found a cave. They all ran into the cave, just as the rain started.
“Can you explain everything to me and Cara. Everything you guys say makes no sense.” Aiden said.
“Yeah. I’ll be right back.” Jayden said.
Jayden walked out of the cage into the rain. He grabbed the knife out of his bag. He found a tree with the outside layers of bark peeling off. He took his knife and cut off a layer of the bark. Jayden looked around him to make sure none of his friends had followed him. He put his hand above where he had cut the tree and waited. After a few seconds, the area of the tree he had cut was filled with a yellow light. Then, after a few seconds, all of the tree he had cut had grown back. He was surprised that it had worked. He walked back to his friends.
Once Jayden was back in the cave, he laid the wood on the floor. Then he grabbed his knife and started to carve into the wood. After a few minutes, he had created a map of mossfall. He showed the map to Aiden, explaining everything he knew. At some point, Cara had joined them. Jayden continued to explain the forest to his friends as the rain started falling harder. After Jayden had finished his explanation, He and Caleb set up the cave for them to stay until the rain stopped. After awhile, Jayden fell asleep.
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