A Tag Game
The Hidden Mysteries Game
Mystery- a novel, play, or movie dealing with a puzzling crime
Part 1: @jjoan1
Part 2: @figment68
*I tag...@PurpleCrystal
1): Do not change the artwork or title
2): Every chapter has a definition
3): This story will go on for at least 10 chapters before ending
4): Please give any suggestions point out mistakes on the comments page
5): All details are the same (summary, tags, age range, etc.) except the chapter note which should state your part and the person you tag’s part (ex. Part 1: @jjoan1 Part 2: I tag . . . @figment68)
6): In the tags, always add #taggame so it can always be found on the taggame page
The doorbell rang again. Carrie went to the front door wondering if there would be another package. Instead she found a tall man standing there in a black leather jacket, and a motorcycle helmet, His hands were held in front of him like some secret service man.
“Ready,” he said.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I am here to take you to Central Plains, USA. The Game Keeper has sent me. Are you packed?” He asked.
I looked around him at his motorcycle. “First of all, I hope you know we can’t get from Korea to the USA by motorcycle. Second of all where would I put my luggage? I just got the package anyway, so I haven’t packed. Are you sure my parents are okay with this? I have no clue what is happening here!”
“I am only taking you part of the way there. I have a sidecar. I suggest a backpack or something easy to carry. Please hurry, we must leave now.” He said.
“What should I bring?” I asked.
“The items you received, change of clothes. Use the restroom too, I will not be stopping.” He said.
I closed the door and grabbed the opened package to take up to my room. I grabbed my larger backpack and put the money and map in the secret inner pocket. I put the letter in, a picture of my family, my diary, iPhone, pen, and two changes of clothes. I went over to open up my bedroom window and leaned out. The man was still standing there by my front door.
“Hey motorcycle guy!” I yelled. “How many days will I be gone? Do I need a coat? Boots? A fancy outfit?”
“Less is better. Bring a coat and hurry up!” He said.
“Thanks a lot,” I said sarcastically. “Very helpful.” I closed the window. I grabbed a few other things I thought I should bring. I wrote a quick letter to my parents explaining in case they got home before me. I went down to the kitchen and filled my water bottle. I stuffed a few snacks into my backpack and grabbed the spare set of keys to the house so I could lock up. I went to the bathroom quickly. As I was washing my hands mister impatient started pounding on the front door. I hurried outside and locked the front door. Then followed the man to his motorcycle. He handed me a helmet and I climbed into the sidecar. He started it up and sped down the road.
He was going really fast and swerving around things which made me feel a little sidecar sick. After fifteen to twenty minutes we stopped at a small airplane landing strip. The man took my helmet and I climbed out. I followed him over to a small plane. He talked in private with the pilot for a minute. As he left he looked at me and said, “Good luck.”
The copilot helped me onto the small airplane. Before I knew it we were zooming down the runway. I asked if we were flying all the way to the USA. The pilot said they were taking me to a large airport.
Thoughts of what I would face soon ran through my head. Central Plains. Would I end up in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, western Iowa, Missouri, or northern Oklahoma? What kind of mystery would I find there? Missing cattle? Alien crop circles? Children of the corn?
This was all so crazy. I wondered if I would be solving mysteries alone. I wish I knew exactly what I would be doing but I guess I will find out soon enough.
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