Magic always comes at a cost
The Honna Chronicles
The Morning Glory
The small house, with green shutters, and brown bricks, wasn’t anything special. The green shrubbery in the front of the home was overgrown, with ivy snaking up the side of the house, and enveloping the eastern shrubs. A normal morning would consist of the tea kettle wailing, and the mailman leaving the bills and ads on a small table by the door. Honna’s mother would yell exasperatingly for her daughter to rise from bed and prepare for the day.
Yet, that morning was anything from normal.
True, it started simply enough. Honna had arisen from bed, pushing her warm comforter aside. She had brushed her mane of hair into a ponytail, securing it with multiple ties. She hurriedly dressed, and checked herself out in the mirror hanging on her wall.
The mirror itself was a mystery. Its frame was two inches thick, and made of wrought iron. The frame showed images of faeries and goblins on the edges. The top and bottom showed two long dragons, curling around the top corners, and they snarled at wolves and deer respectively. The detail was gorgeous, yet the piece itself didn’t fit the suburban home at all.
Honna’s father had bolted that mirror to the wall, back when her room was his study, and back when he was still in the picture. It had been fifteen years since he mysteriously disappeared. It had been fifteen years since he had entered their home, and it had been years since her mother had talked about him.
She stared into her grey-green eyes, the eyes she inherited from her father, similar to many of her features. She grimaced, What luck she had to inherit traits from a deadbeat father. She kneeled to tie her combat boot’s laces, and that’s when the mirror started turning.

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Chapter 2

Mishaps and Misadventures

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