The Imaginer Club
The Imaginer Club Quick Look
Milo is a ten year old boy who never imagines or daydreams. He Thinks it’s silly. But one Saturday, a mischievous school friend asks Milo to go to his creek together. So Milo and his friend go to the creek. His friend tricks him that there’s a turtle in the creek. Milo leans over to examine, but the kid shoves him into the creek, but has no idea what happened. Milo sinks to the bottom suddenly, but he swims back up. He finds that he is in another dimension! The dimension of imagination!
Milo ventures out into the unknown land of imagination. He finds a house. He knocks on the door. A voice answers. He tries to tell the person his story of how he got lost, but the voice already knows! Milo is shocked. The voice allows him to come in the house. When Milo sees the strange voice, he sees the voice is a creature. The creature’s name is Mark. Mark asks if he daydreams. He says no. Mark is shocked. He greets him again. Milo walks in. Mark teaches him to daydream and imagine. Much later on, Mark welcomes Milo into The Imaginer Club.
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