The innocent student
The thief and an inncoent student
“Alright class,” The sweet teacher said with a smile. “Please calm down. I know you all are excited that school is finally almost over and you can enjoy your summer. But... there’s still one thing that needs to be done-“
“The surprise money collection for the principle!” Mary shouted cheerily.
Teacher Jane smiled, “Yes, thank you Mary. So before you leave, I would like to do that now. Did everyone bring your coins?”
“Yes!” The class said together.
Mary volunteered to take the collections to the principle office.
Many of the students had gone home already, and teacher Jane had to speak with the other adults before she headed home.
Due to a severe storm, Mary had to walk down the dark hallway to the principles office.
Even as a highschool student, she still grew very scared of the dark, especially when accompanied with a storm!
She walked down the hall, her legs already shaking with fear.
The lights flickered, and finally, just when Mary entered the principles office, the power went completely off! She gasped with the sudden crash of thunder.
Running out of the room down the hall, and finally out of the school house, she hasted home without an umbrella through the storm.
“No Mrs Crump, she didn’t have anything in her hands when she arrived home last night. She was only drenched from the rain, and she seemed to be very frightened... but she’s always like that when it comes to storms.” Mother explained to Mary’s teacher.
As Mary came down the stairs, her mother gazed at her with concern...
“Mary...” Mother began in an anxious tone. “Did you happen to bring something from school yesterday?”
Mary hesitated a moment with her answer. “No, I don’t think so.”
Mother nodded, but then lowered her gaze, ‘She couldn’t have done it...”
“I did by accident take the school’s overcoat. Even though it’s Saturday, I’m going to see if maybe a manager or someone is there so I can return it. Do you mind if I skip breakfast so I can head there now?”
Mother nodded. But her thoughts were elsewhere. Did Mary steal it?
“I’m sorry to have called you in here Mary, but your teacher and I had a very... interesting discussion yesterday.”
“Have I done something wrong?”
“That’s what we would like to ask you.” Miss Jane said with a ‘accusing’ tone. “The other day, did you happen to take something you shouldn’t have from the school?”
“Oh yes, the overcoat. But i handed it to the manager yesterday.”
“We’re not talking about the umbrella Mary.” The principle sighed. “Your teacher says that your class collected money, and that it was supposed to be in my office yesterday. But when I arrived there wasn’t a single coin. She told me you were put in responsibility for bringing it to my office.”
Mary was surprised. “What? You mean... its been... stolen?”
Miss Jane smirked, “Are you playing innocent?”
“Alright Miss Jane...” The principle interrupted. “Mary, we don’t wish to make any false accusations. But you were the last one with it-“
“I didn’t steal anything!” Mary rose from her chair. “Honest! I may be poor, but I would never steal money from anyone! Especially when so many students put almost everything they had in this collection.”
“If what you’re saying is true,” Miss Jane took a step toward Mary. “Then why are you behaving so uneasy?”
“I’m not!” Mary protested. “Miss Jane, please believe me! I would never-“
“Alright ladies, we’ll try and sort this out later. How about you ask your parents to come with you on Monday, Mary? Then we can discuss this properly.”
Mary was told to stay until nine thirty that night, and clean the classroom’s floors. Why, she wasn’t exactly sure. This couldn’t be her punishment, as there was no proof of her being the thief.
The lights once again flickered, and suddenly went out! But this time there was no storm that would cause the power to go out...
in the corner of her eye, a dark figure swiftly went by.
“W-whose there?” Mary backed against the wall. “I-I know someone’s here! Show yourself!”
Mary gulped, and started walking forward, looking to her right and left. Even though it was really too dark to see much of anything.
“You won’t only be accused of being a thief.” A soft tone spoke behind her.
Mary gasped as she turned around, trembling she asked, “W-who are you?”
“Prepare yourself. This won’t be our last encounter.”
The dark figure ran toward her...
To be continued.
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