Love isn’t complicated, people are.
The Key To My Heart
The tale of Fake-Liam and the Tampon
Oh my god! I’m gone to the principal’s office again. Why? Well, here’s the story... I was in class and stupid Mrs. Murphy (well, not so stupid since she is a math teacher) was telling us that we had to use her special-way-to-do-everything or else we were going to miss our boat and fail the exams. All I did was respond: “Well, I’ll take the plane!” Most of the people in my class laughed silently and Vicky, my best friend, was having a hard time fighting back the urge to laugh. You see, I have a pretty bad reputation with Mr. McGuinty, our principal, wich by the way looks like Mr. Clean’s twin and always smells like after shave. No, seariously, I’m not kidding. And that’s basically why I’m sent to the principal’s office. ‘Cause I made an Innocent. Little. Joke.
I open the door to Mr. McGuinty’s office. He doesn’t look surprised to see me. “What brings you here today?” he says with a stubborn look. I frown.
“Mrs. Murphy said that we had to use her method for us not to miss our boat and fail our grades and all I did was respond: I’ll take the plane!” I say, very sure of myself. Even Mr. McGuinty is having a hard time to contain himself.
“Raven Tremblay,” he starts. Oh no not one of his BORING speeches. “I’ve been seeing you quite often, these days and I think we need to make a BIG improvement in your grades and your attitude.” Blah! Blah! Blah! I loose track of what he’s saying. “Understood?” he asks raising both eyebrows.
“Yeah.” I guess. Even though I didn’t really understand. He gestures to me that I can leave and just before I’m out the door, he adds: “Say hi to your mother for me!” He winks at me.
As I leave, the bell rings. I head to my locker. Vicky is waiting there for me. “So, Raven. What’d he say?” she asks intrigued.
“Oh he gave me the speech. You know the whole improving my grades and attitude thing.”
“Oh that!” she says letting out a big breath. “Wanna go to the aracade?” she asks.
“Sure!” I answer, exausted. It’s been such a long day for me.
Vicky and I walk all the way to the aracade from school. It’s not too far. Once we arrive there, she goes to Dance Dance Revolution her favourite game. Vicky’s a pro at it! She’s like the queen of Dance Dance Revolution. She inserts a couple of coins inside the machine and the game starts. A croud of people is gathering around us now. Okay, maybe five or six people are watching her.
Somebody catches my eye. Oh my gosh! He looks like Liam Hemsworth! I try to look casual. Look casual, Raven. Look casual. Vicky comes to join me at one of the tables. “Ooh! Scoping out one of the guys?” she says.
“Um. Is it just me or does that guy look like Liam Hemsworth?” I ask.
“The guy from the Hunger Games?!” she asks laughing.
“Gale, you stupid! Well, I think he looks like Liam.” I protest.
“Okay, whatever he is. You were looking at Fake-Liam!” she says a little too loud. “Hey! Everyone! Raven likes Fake-Liam! Raven likes Fake-Liam!” she screams for the whole world to hear. She laughs.
“Not even true!” I say even louder. “You know what?! Vicky stuffs her bra with tissue paper!”
“Raven sleeps with a Johnny Depp pillow!” she shouts.
“Vicky french kisses Justin Beiber posters!” I say laughing.
“Raven fell into a monkey cage when she was five years old!”
“Vicky is dating a depressed maniac!” I scream.
“Don’t listen to her, I’m single! Raven...”
A guy wich I think is works here tells us to get the hell outta here. Vicky asks him if he has any single friends, as a joke. He pushes us out the front doors. Vicky and I are laughing like maniacs when I realize Fake-Liam is coming our way. What?! He picks something up from the ground. Omg, it’s a tampon... I start panicking. He comes out the front door.
“Hey!” he says handing me the tampon. “You dropped this.”
“Um. No. That’s not mine.” I say stressed out.
“I saw it fall from your bag.” he says insisting.
Vicky saves me: “It’s not a tampon it’s a emergency pencil!” she says on the edge of laughing. “You know, when you have that stupid teacher that’ll give you detention if you forget something. So just in case we have emergency pencils!” she continues. He raises an eyebrow and lets out a laugh. I don’t think he fell for it. Vicky grabs the tampon out of his hand.
“Anyway, thanks! Raven wouldn’t’ve survived without it! Bye!” Vicky says dragging me along. We fast walk away from the aracade. I start laughing. “What was that?!” I ask. “Emergency pencil?!”
“Excuse me miss, could I use your pencil?!” she says mimicking someone writing with a tampon, wich makes me laugh. Vicky laughs too.
“You like him don’t you?” she says.
“What? Me? Noooo...” I answer.
“I know you do, don’t try to hide it from me!” she says in a teasing way.
“Okay, maybe a tiny bit. Just a little, okay?!”
She nods and smiles at me. “That does sound a little suspicious to me.” she adds.
“I didn’t even say I had an actual crush, okay?”
“Uh-huh. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see Fake-Liam again.” She grins.
Yeah and I’m never going back to that arcade!
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