It’s summer And three students gO looking for a long lost tresure
The Key To Success
Summer Vacation
“Squeeee!” Savannah squeals, jumping up and down. “It’s finally Summer vacation! I know what we should do, climb trees, go surfing, oh the possiblities are amazing! Skylar, Ryan, are you even listening to me?”
“Mmmm,” Ryan mumbles under his breath, “interesting.”
“What’s interesting? Is it that book you’re reading? Are you nearly finished? You’re not seriously going to spend Summer vacation reading, that.”
“Hey guys! I think I just found the perfect way to kick off Summer vacation!” Ryan exclaims, taking a drink at the bubblers. “Do you guys love treasure?”
“I sure do!” Skylar agrees, “what about you, Savannah?”
“I... I don’t know. I actually really want to go to Mr Topsy Turvy’s Fruit Garden. They say the program is going to be the best, but I guess I’ll do exactly what you two do, after all, you’re all my best friends,” Savannah answers.
“So... the book here says... that there was this sort of treasure buried somewhere here in Diamond Lake City. The early people placed it there to help the future generation, mmm, cool. So no one’s found it yet, you know the treasure.”
“Do you think we should set off to find the treasure today? After all, I want to check out the new Water Park downtown.” Savannah hopped from foot to foot.
“Okay, let’s go! It says that it’s somewhere buried under the Diamond Tree. C’mon, get your bikes and let’s get rolling!” Ryan shouts. Skylar and Savannah follow him. When they get to the Diamond shaped lake, Ryan stops with a halt. “I should have known, how are we to get past this huge lake?”
“I can help!” A man with a really round belly appears behind them. “You kiddos lookin’ for the treasure of Diamond Lake City?”
Skylar nods for the group.
“Stupid kids, tryin’ to find the treasure before me!” The man mutters under his breath as he unties two rowing boats. “Ya don’t mind my trusty friend McGregor and I comin’ along, don’t you?”
“You two can most definitely come,” Skylar beams, when Savannah starts poking her. “What?”
“These men seem... weird. Did you hear what he said about us?”
“You must’ve heard wrong.” Skylar helps McGregor haul both boats onto the lake. Ryan, Savannah, and Skylar hop in one and McGregor and the man who introduced himself as Nelson hopped into the other boat. They all started rowing and Nelson hit their boat with his paddling stick. “So I definitely tricked ya! Hah! You’ll never make across the lake before me!”
A petrol fuelled boat drives towards Nelson and McGregor. “We totally fooled them, boss,” McGregor exclaims.
“Just shut up and get in already!” Nelson screams, starting up the petrol. “Toodles, suckers!”
And just in one minute flat, Nelson and McGregor’s boat had disappeared from view. “Who is that man?” Savannah asks.
“I have no idea, but I think we’re about to find out! C’mon guys, paddle faster! We’re not even halfway across the lake yet!”
“And how would you know?” Skylar asks.
“According to my statistics, of course. I once did a project with Mr Strawcoal to measure the lake, took a whole Summer, but totally worth it,” Ryan says.
“You really are one nerd!” Savannah cries.
“And you’re a jerk!” Ryan laughs.
“And we’re all going to sink if we don’t paddle faster!” Skylar smiles, gripping her paddle furiously. The little rowing boat was looking like it couldn’t manage anymore.
“I think we should turn back, because if we sink, that’d totally be so uhhhhh!” Ryan exclaims.
“But... but, the treasure.” Savannah hangs her head low.
“Tomorrow, Sava, tomorrow,” Skylar reassures her.
“I can’t believe that we’re under the Diamond Tree. And these leaves do look like diamonds!” Ryan exclaims. He has his head buried in his book. “You see Petal? She’s a bull dog. I brought her here because, we need to dig, right?”
Skylar nods and Savannah jumped up and down. “This tree is breathtaking!”
Petal starts digging in various places. “Woof, woof!” She barks and Ryan gives her a dog biscuit. “Keep on digging, Petal pie!”
“Wait a minute! If Nelson was here yesterday...” Savannah starts saying.
“Then he might’ve got all the treasure already,” Skylar finishes, a look of disappointment flashing into her face.
“But we can still give it a go! This treasure is really hard to uncover, and wait... it says it might be potentially dangerous! Awesome!” Ryan cries. He buries his head deeper into the book.
“Do you think the location of the treasure might be linked with the tree?” Savannah asks, studying the trunk.
“Mmm. Possibly, Savannah, we’ll go study it and Ryan can just chill with his book,” Skylar says, running towards a branch.
“Hey guys, check this out!” Savannah shouts on the other side of the tree. A hole was engraved into the trunk, and Ryan pushed his hand in. “A magic bottle?” He said.
A small bottle with greenish blue liquid inside had been what Ryan had found. “Could be a clue?” Skylar suggests. Suddenly, dust swirled around them.
“What’s happening?” Savannah shouts. The swirling stopped and a golden key popped out from the ground. Ryan picks it up and examines it, holding up his book. “It’s the Key To Success. Says so here in the book. Plays a major part in finding the treasure.” He tucks the key into his jacket pocket. “So I guess Nelson and McGregor didn’t find the treasure after all. And I have no doubt they’ll go looking again today.”
A hole in the ground opens up and a spiral staircase appears. “So, shall we go down?” Skylar asks. Everyone follows her underground.
“Wow! Look at those shining crystals! We should totally take one!” Savannah suggests, trying to reach out. Skylar stops her. “Savannah, those could be dangerous. Try not touch anything you see, okay?”
Savannah nods and looks around again. “We’re here!” Ryan breathes, examining every small detail. They were kind of standing on an underground cliff, if there was such thing. “Now, how do we get across?” Skylar nods at the big gap. There were actually two underground cliffs facing opposite eachother.
“I think there must be a bridge or something?” Ryan suggests, still entranced in the beutiful underground tunnel they’d just entered.
Savannah looked towards the ground. It was a warm golden colour and she could just vaguely make out a small symbol on the ground.
Suddenly, all three of them hear a light cackle behind them...

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