what if you were kidnapped?
The Kidnapped Babysitter
Who New Cleaning Could Be Fun?
Babysitting is a pain in the butt for me. Except from when I am babysitting the Colt’s. The Colt’s are a lovely family. Their parents always say their a handful but there not. Their the nicest kids you could ever meet. Their sweet and playful. So when I got a text from the Colt’s did not hesitate to respond. A text popped up on my phone. It said:
Mrs. Colt: Mary, can you babysit tonight?
Me: Sure! Be there in a few.
Mrs. Colt: Great! See you there!
I grabbed my phone and backpack and went downstairs. I walked over to the shoe bench and began to put on my shoes.
“Hunny, where are you going?”, my Mom asked
“ I’m going to babysit at the Colt’s.”, I said.
“ Ok.”, she said, “ See you soon.”
“Bye!”, I said closing the door behind me. I ran to my car, got inside and started up the engine. It was a brand new Toyota Camry. It was the newest model. I was so excited when my parents got it for my 16th birthday this year.
I drove down Clinton street and came to a stop infant of the Colt’s red brick house. The had a nice light gray door with there address 4553 plastered above it. I parked my car and pulled the keys out of the hole. I grabbed my purse and walked up the brown steps.
I knocked softly on the door, for I did not want to startle them. Then the door opened. I opened it to see Carson Colt. Carson was the middle child. He was a sweet and athletic boy. He always longed for a good adventure.
“ Hi Mary!”, he said Joyfully. His voice showed he was happy, but his face did not. It sounded like he was being sarcastic.
“ Hi Carson.”, I said ignoring the hint of sarcasm in his voice, “ How are you?”
“ Good”, he mumbled. His faced looked almost worried. I decided once again to ignore him. I stepped inside the house. Their house was a mess! I tried not to gasp, but I couldn’t hold it in.
“ Yeah, I know.”, he said gesturing to the mess,” It’s really messy.”
I tried to think of a way we could clean up the house, but in a way that it would be fun.
“I know a way we can clean up!”, I said, “ Carson, can you get Jade, Zion and Hillary?”
“Sure!”, he said. Just on cue Zion walked into the room. Zion was five years old, almost six. He was a small boy with curly blonde hair. Zion had light blue eyes that resembled his mother’s.
“ Mary!”, he said running to give me a hug.
“ Hi Zion!”, I said, “ It’s so good to see you again.”
“ Look at my new toy!”, Zion said. He ran over to the shelf by the dining room table. He climbed up onto the table and reached over onto the shelf.
I was about to say something when his sister Jade did.
“ Zion! Don’t do that! It’s not safe!”, Jade scolded.
“ Sorry Jade.”, Zion said climbing down off the table. Jade was the oldest of the four kids. She was tall with long blonde hair. She was about average hight for a girl of 14. She had light blue eyes just like Zion and her Mom.
Zion came running over clutching his new toy in his hand. “ Look!”, he said holding it up to me. It was a Star Wars action figure of Luke Skywalker.
“ That’s cool Zion.”, I said. Zion set his action figure on the floor and ran back into the kitchen. Suddenly Hillary crawled out from under the table.
“ Mawy!”, she said crawling over to me. She gave me a tight squeeze on my leg. Then she crawled over to pick up Zion’s Luke Skywalker action figure. When Zion came back in the room he saw that Hillary was holding his action figure he freaked out. He dashed over to Hillary and snatched the action figure out of her hands.
Hillary began sobbing loudly. Hillary was 2 years old. Her birthday was last week. She was a small baby with little blonde fuzzy hair at the top of her head. She had dark blue eyes like her Dad.
Suddenly Mr. and Mrs. Colt entered the room. Mrs. Colt ran over and scooped Hillary up and cradled her in her arms.
“ Hello Jade!”, she said, “ What happened?”
“ Hillary was playing with Zion’s action figure. Then Zion freaked out and took it from her hands.”, I replied.
“ I’m so sorry to give you any trouble.”, she said, “ I don’t know what got into Zion.”
“ Zion Walter Colt, get you butt over here this instant!”, shouted Mr. Colt.
“Yes?”, Zion said walking over.
“ You naughty boy. You know the rules. You never take things from people with out asking.”
“ I’m sorry Daddy.”, he said.
“ It’s alright. Now don’t apologize to me. Apologize to Hillary.”
Zion walked over to Hillary, “ Sorry Hillary.”, he mumbled.
“ Try that again.”, Mr. Colt said.
“ Sorry Hillary!”, he grunted annoyingly.
“ Zion go sit in time out.”, said Mrs. Colt sharply.
“ Yes Mommy.”, He said trudging over to the timeout chair. He sat down with a PLOP!
“ Thank you for watching the kids Mary. Your the only babysitter they’ll listen too.”
“ It’s no problem. There such nice kids.”, I said.
“ Bye! We’ll see you around 2:00.”, she said as she walked out the door. I came and closed the door behind her.
“ Alright kids. I have an idea.”, I said.
“ What sort of idea?”, Zion asked hopping out of the timeout chair.
“ I know a way we can make cleaning the house fun!”, I exclaimed.
All four kids groaned.
“ Come on. I know it will be fun.”, I said. I glanced around the room and spotted a laundry basket, “ Aha! We will have a cleaning competition.”
“ What kind of competition?”, asked Carson.
“ See all of these dirty laundry?”, I asked.
“ Yeah.”, the replied.
“ We can pretend the laundry is a basketball and the laundry basket is the hoop!”,
“ I get it!”, shouted Carson. He ran over and picked up two socks. He tied them in a ball and shot them at the laundry basket. It landed inside with a PLOP!
“ Ooh! This looks fun.”, exclaimed Zion. He ran over and just like Carson shot the laundry at the basket. This time it bounced off the wall and into the basket.
“ I don’t know.”, complained Jade, “ Are you sure this will be fun?”
“ I am sure.”, I said.
“ Ok.”, she said. She picked up a pair of pants rolled it up and shot it and it went in, “ I did it!”, she yelled.
“ Great job Jade!”, then suddenly Hillary crawled up to me.
“ I wanna shoot vhe wandry!”, she exclaimed.
“ Ok.”, I said handing her a pair of socks. She waddled over to the hoop and dropped the socks inside.
“ I did it!”, she exclaimed, “ Hiwawy did it!”
“ Good job Hillary.”, I chuckled as I scooped her up. Pretty soon the whole room was clean. Then we moved on into the kitchen to wash the dishes. By 6:00 the entire house was in ship-shape.
“ Alright Zion, Hillary. It’s time for bed.”, I said.
“ I don’t want to go to bed!”, complained Zion.
“ I no wanna go to bed”, copied Hillary.
“ I know but it’s both of you bed times.”, I said.
“ Why do Carson and Jade get to stay up?”, whined Zion.
“ There older so they have different bedtimes than you.”, I explained.
Soon enough I was able to get Zion and Hillary upstairs for bed. As I walked downstairs I was met by Carson and Jade. The had expressions of pure worry on there faces.
“ Mary. We appreciate everything you do for us.”, said Jade.
“ But we need you to go NOW”, said Carson.
“ What? Why?”, I asked, “ Is there something wrong?”
“ Yes!”, said both Carson and Jade at the same time.
“ What is it?”, I asked. I was beginning to grow worried.
“ Our parents are moving.”, explained Jade.
“ And your the only babysitter Zion and Hillary will listen to.”, said Carson.
“ So.. there planning to take you with us.”, she finished.
“ So I’m going to help you unpack?”, I asked.
“ No.”, said Carson.
“ They are planning to..”, she gulped.
“ kidnap you.”, Carson finished.
“ Kidnap me?! “ I asked in disbelief.
“ Yes.”, Carson said.
“ We love you so much and we don’t want you to get hurt.”, Jade said.
“ So we need you to go before our parents get home!”, Carson finished.
Inside I was feeling all different emotions. Scared, worry and anxiety.
“ Thank you guys so much. I’ll go tell the police.”
“ Not so fast.”, said a deep voice from behind me.
Then all was black.

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