Together Forever....Or not?
The Kiss
The “Get back” Plan
When Kylie and Becca make this plan will their bff bond break forever?
K: Hey Becca do you want to meet at one place to discuss the plan?
B: No, I already got an it ok if I tell it to you?
K: No problem, what’s your plan?
B: I was thinking, that you text Jack and tell him to come to your house...then I’ll come over to your house before he gets there AND... he’ll notice that both of us are there he’ll get a guilty look and then I can ask him meet my friend Kylie and then I was thinking that-
K: OK so this is your plan: Make jack come to my house while your there, then make him get guilty and confront him on that then fake cry and slap him and you get the picture right?
I know I said i would make this one long but im really sorry ive been very busy lately.... BUT I PROMISE EVEN IF IM BUSY ILL MAKE CHAPTER 7 VERY LONG FOR THOSE WHO LIKE MY STORIES:D ~ Love,
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