Together Forever....Or not?
The Kiss
Guilty As Always
That must be Becca! I thought excitedly
“Hi Be...- Um I mean Jack come in!” I said quietly, I heard the doorbell ring again....
“Uh, Jack I’ll be right with you just please wait on the couch”....
“BECCA!” I said as I shut the door behind me... “YOU ARE SO LATE HE’S HERE ALREADY!” I yelled
“I’m sorry ok! my mom told me to tidy up my room, AND to make you believe me I took a pic of it before and after I tidied it up SEE!” She whipped out her phone and tapped at it a couple of times.
“Ok, OK! I believe you Beck’s but please go through the back door and go into the back room, I’ll knock on it when it’s safe to come out!”
“ but hug first...please!?”
“Ok now GO! FAST! GO! GO! GO!”
I quickly went back into the house and ran to the couch where Jack was sitting....but I had to brace myself, that cheater might kiss me so I have kiss him back no matter what!
“Hey Kyles, come sit I’ll get some gum...” he gave me a mischievous grin as he searched threw his pack for some gum.
I quickly turned away so he couldn’t see me, then I put my finger to my open mouth and made a gagging noise towards the room that Becca was in...of course she heard me and stuck her head out.
What does that mean? she mouthed to me
I made a kissing gesture then pointed my finger towards Jack
ok, she mouthed back
she stuck her head back in and silently closed the door...
“Kylie, what movie do you want to watch?” he said to me “How about...the fault in our stars?”
“Great!” I said swallowing hard as I tried not to cry.
“Come sit on my lap or do you want me to?” He gave me a smile that made his cute dimples go up.
“Uh- before I could finish my sentence he gently grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him, I put my hands on his chest as his lips moved closer to mine
I felt his soft lips against mine kissing me thoroughly, I moved my hands from his chest and wrapped then around his head, pushing it forwards desperately wanting for more; of course it was all a part of my plan.
He silently pushed away and walked to the bathroom, I ran to the room that Becca was in and opened it.....
“Becca?” DING DONG DING DONG! I heard from inside the room I underneath a pile of jackets and saw becca tapping the screen of her phone.
“Becca! what on earth are you doing?!” I shrieked as quietly as possible
“What? It would be kinda weird if he walks back from the bathroom and see’s his ex-girlfriends sitting on the couch with out hearing a doorbell”
“Ok, well the time is now, Lets go teach that jerk not to mess with us or any other girls EVER AGAIN!” I said angrily
“Ok, but can you help me up? my legs fell asleep, and I need to change im in PJ’s”.
“Ok, go into my room and search threw the bottom draw of my clothes bin...look for something cute, it’ll throw Jack off guard when he see’s you!”
“Great! if he ask who’s upstairs tell him’ My best friend’ kk”?
“K, Now go and change i hear the bathroom door opening!”
I quickly ran to the couch and took off my sweater, underneath was a cute tank-top...I was wearing some of my best cute clothes: My favorite white silk skirt that goes down to my thighs....of course I have shorts on underneath! A gorgeous Creme colored tank top, I was wearing a little bit of make up for a beautiful BOLD strong look.
I saw Jack coming out of the bathroom, I quickly started acting flirty by: twirling my hair and blinking my eyelashes at him and pursing my lips
“Hey Kylie, I heard like a rummaging sound upstairs I think you should go check to make sure it’s safe...” He said kindly
“Uh, Ok” That was weird, I pretended like I was walking up the stairs but I ran down into the kitchen when he wasn’t looking, I saw him whip out his phone and start texting.... Hmmm I wonder....
I ran back upstairs when he wasn’t looking and burst into my room...immediately I covered my eyes, I knew what I did wrong.... Becca was changing into a shirt
“OMG, BECCA I AM SO SORRY! I SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED!” My cheeks flushed red with embarrassment
“It’s ok you can look now.....”
“Ok how does this outfit look on me?” Becca asked
“It look’s amazing, Becca you look gorgeous he’s gonna crumble like a cracker!”
I quickly scanned my room, Clothes thrown every where
“OMG, Becca fix my room please!”
She look around at the mess”OMG I AM SO SORRY!” Becca looked as red as I did when I barged into the room.
“Ok, nice and TIDY!” Becca said happily
Hoped you liked this I made it super Long for the people that said to make it long
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