The door open and closes each day. Where is the exit?
The Labyrinth
‘The test...’ A raspy voice whispers.
‘Betrayal... Trust’
‘The Labyrinth is the Key!’
‘awake! Awake! Awake! AWAke! AWAKe! AWAKE!’ It shouts.
My head shoots up, and I gasp for air, as if I was drowning. Where am I? Darkness? A pair of doors slide open. I realize I’m in some sort of cage. All of a sudden a group of teenage boys (eight), and one girl appear. Whispers. I look at each one individually, but one catches my eye. Sea green eyes, black-blue hair, probably muscular. He looks at me showing no emotion. All of them point to me except the one with the sea green eyes.
“Another girl?” One whispers.
“What are we gonna do with her?”
“She’s overrated if you ask me. Leave her to rot?” The girl says. Her platinum blonde hair was swept into a ponytail, and her dull blue eyes seemed to pop. Sea green eyes whispers something to a boy with brown eyes, and another with green eyes. They nod and startle me by jumping into the cage. The boys pick me up and push me out of the cage. Blue eyes jerks my body so its facing sea green eyes. The group makes a gap, so its just me and him.
“Whats your name?” He asks in a stern voice. I purse my lips. Should I tell them? I mean for all I know they could be assassins.
“Thats none of your business.” I say.
“Okay... What do you remember?” I take a moment to think. Blank.
“Just like us. Beth, get red, to lie down, and make sure she gets water. I’ll see you there.” The girl nods.
“Okay Luke.” So sea green eyes has a name? “Fallow me.” She says with a bit of hate in her voice. Hesitantly I fallow her. She gets me to sit down and chucks a water bottle to me. “Drink up. Luke will be here any second now.” I raise the water bottle above my mouth, and let just the tiniest amount of water spill into my mouth. Luke approaches us, his face emotionless.
“Beth, leave me alone with red.”
“But Luke-“ He shoots her a look, which shuts her right up. Beth walks away from us and joins the group of teenage boys.
“Why are you here?” I ask while screwing the lid back on the water bottle.
“Name?” He asks again.
“Not saying.”
“Honestly, nothing.”
“Ask away red.” He says while sitting across from me.
“Where on earth am I? Who are you people? Why can I only remember my name and age?”
“Your in T.D.M.L. The Dangerous Mysterious Labyrinth. We’re people. Our groups called Combat. And I don’t know why you can’t remember your name. But it would help if you told us your age.” He answers.
“Seventeen. How did I get here? How long have you and your guys been here? How old are you guys?”
“I don’t know how you got here. No one does. All we know is, the man put us here. I’ve been here for three years. The longest out of everyone in Combat. Newest besides you is Landon, the one with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I’m seventeen so is, Beth, and Jayce. Sam, Landon, and Zac, are sixteen. Declan, Cameron, and Seb are fifteen.” He answers while pointing them out.
“What is that?” I ask pointing to a large cement wall. Luke’s expression darkens.
“Don’t go near it.”
“Besides me, is Beth the only girl here? How do people get here?”
“Yes, and from what we’ve learned a cage pops out from the ground. Usually its supplies, but sometimes its people. When supplies come, each item is labeled with the persons name. Sometimes weapons, sometimes food. So I suggest you tell us your name now.” I purse my lips again.
“Fair enough. Scarlett. Scarlett Rose.”
“Well I’m Luke Blue.”
“What do you guys do here?”
“Survive, and try to find away out.” A way out? “Any more questions?” He asks annoyed. Yes. Thousands.
“Good. Fallow me.”
“Wait. Do you guys have a mirror?”
“No why?”
“I just woke up and I don’t remember much. What do I look like?”
“Uh, Scarlett red hair. Dark turquoise eyes.”
“Thanks.” I mumble. The two of us get up and Luke leads me to Combat.
“Hey guys. This is Scarlett. She’ll be joining the top three. Now called the top four.” I never agreed to that.
“WHAT!” Beth shouts.
“She’s seventeen just like us. She’ll be in the top four.”
“You can’t trust her.” Beth says and then stomps off. Jayce puts an arm around me. He has baby blue eyes (he’s blue eyes by the way) and choppy dark brown hair.
“Don’t mind Beth. She just liked being the only girl, and is now a little jealous.”
“Uh, Okay.” I carefully remove Jayce’s arm.
“Scarlett, you will join the night meetings. Me, Jayce, and Beth, stay up while everyones asleep, and talk strategy.” Luke assures me.
“Okay. Cool.”
“Glad you think so red.” Jayce says.
“Names Scarlett.”
“Okay guys, enough chit chat. Search the perimeter for anything useful.” Luke dismisses the group and I decide I should go too. When no ones looking I make my way to the large cement wall. Green vines growing everywhere. As I get closer I see a medium rectangle with a bunch of different shapes and scribbles. Its all seemed so familiar. I reach out my hand to touch it. Someone grabs my wrist. “I thought I told you not to go near here.” Luke says threw his teeth.
“No. You don’t understand.” I yank my arm away from him. My hand stumbles onto the wall. Flash!
I open a book, which has the same shapes and scribbles as the wall. I scan through the book. Next to me are more books. Books about, sword skills, archery, gun handling, weaponry etc. Each has several sticky notes hanging out from the pages-
It ends and I gasp for air once again.
“Scarlett! Scarlett!” Luke shouts. He shakes me violently.
“I saw memories. Books. Weapons. That.” I point to the wall.
“What?” He asks confused. I shrug him away and skim my finger across the cool stone.
“Beware stay aware. Adventure lies ahead. Some will perish, some will rise. Better or for worse, the choice is your hands. Enter the labyrinth if you dare.” The words spill out like I know every singing scribble.
“Whoa Scarlett, you can read that?” Luke asks.
“I-I-I guess. It seems familiar.”
“Yo Combat!” He calls. Everyone circles around us. “Scarlett can read.” He says, which makes everyone snicker. I step on Luke’s shoe. “I mean, she can read the inscriptions.” Everyone stops laughing and look at me.
“But Luke, we’ve been trying to figure this out for years. You the longest.” Sam says.
“Tell me what you saw in your vision. You blanked out for a couple seconds.” Luke says looking me dead in the eye. I nod.
“Well I was at a desk or something. I was reading a book that had those shapes and stuff. I was also surrounded my books. Like about weapons, swords, guns. It just doesn’t make sense.”
“Seems fishy if you ask me.” Beth says with a hint of disgust. “She’s probably out to hurt us or something.” She snorts.
“Can I talk to you Beth? Alone. I’ll be right back guys.” Luke says and stomps off with Beth. She shoots me a smirk right before they leave.
“Whats her problem?” I ask the guys.
“Beth? She doesn’t really like you.” Jacye says, pointing out the obvious. “Once again, she was the only girl until you came. She’s also Luke’s ex. Beth thinks your trying to steal Luke from her. Luke the leader of Combat by the way.”
“Oh. That explains so much.” I say. By now Luke and Beth return.
“I’m sorry Scarlett.” She says with a small pout.
“Uh, its cool.” I give her a small smile. “What is the labyrinth really?” Luke sighs.
“Its a maze. No ones ever survived one night in there. Its dangerous. The doors open at one time, and then close.”
“We have to go inside.” I say.
“No we don’t. We won’t. Its too dangerous.” Luke says. I’m about to protest when someone yells my name.
“Scarlett!” Landon, I think. My head shoots in the direction and I walk towards the voice. Combat fallows not too far behind. “This came for you.” Landon points to a cage, my name written at the top.
“The whole cage for her? Thats a first.” Cameron whispers. I hop into the cage. A sea green swords leans agains the bars. I pick it up. The grip naturally relaxes in my hand, like I’ve held it before. A matching sea green gun, and bow and arrow rest to the side. Each engraved with, Property of Scarlett Rose, written in a black cursive font. Theres also food and water. I take the food out first.
“Thats the most we’ve ever gotten.” Declan whispers. I crawl out with my sword, gun and bow in my hands. Luke steps forward.
“Whats this?” He asks.
“I don’t remember anything but the sword.” I say. “Do you guys have weapons?”
“Yeah, we all do.” Combat pulls out their weapons. Luke’s got a beautiful red sword. Jayce, and Beth have an ax. Seb, has a bow and arrow, just like Sam and Landon. Declan, and Cameron have guns. “Its just, why do you have more than one?”
“I don’t know-“
I see me. Fighting with a women. My sword clashing at hers. I kick the sword out of her hand and she goes falling to the ground. I point my-
“Scarlett!” Luke once again shakes me. “You keep blanking out.”
“Vision. I was fighting against a women with this sword.”
“Okay you-“
“Why do you have a sword like Luke? My Luke?!?” Beth questions.
“I-I don’t know.” I stutter.
“Well I do. You just want Luke to like you. So you pick up the sword and pretend your used to it. You stop moving and pretend to have visions so he’ll think your something special. Well guess what? Your not! Your nothing but a-“
“BETH!” Luke shouts. Beth jumps. “What is wrong with you? The poor girl just got here confused. And you scream in her face startling her. She’s pretty useful for all we know.”
“She’s not who she says she is.” Beth argues.
“Jayce. Get Beth out of here.”
“Why?” She whines.
“If you can’t control yourself, you can’t be here.” If glares could shoot dangers, I would be dead thanks to Beth. Jayce pulls her away. “Are you lying about the visions?” Luke asks.
“No! They’re real! I just don’t understand them.”
“Okay, we believe you.”
“This is all so confusing.”
“Its alright. We’ve all been through it.” Zac says. I give him a weak smile.
That night me, Luke, Jayce, and Beth, sit around the fire talking. Right now Luke, Jayce, and Beth are arguing about what we should do next. Luke says we should continue to do what we’re doing, and Beth is on his side. But Jayce thinks we should lay back, and chill for a while.
“What do you think Scarlett? What should we do next?” Jayce asks me.
“Yes you.”
“Well I think your both wrong. I think we should go inside the labyrinth. Find the man.”
“She’s trying to get us killed.” Beth says.
“Beth shut up.” Luke says. “But no. We can’t do that.”
“But I can feel it. Its the only way out. We were put here for a reason. They dropped us at the entrance. Now its our job to find the exit.” They all stare at me. “Look. We all have weapons. That means they were given to us to survive and defend ourselves from someone or something. There are a bunch of people here, so that probably means we must journey together.” Stares. “When I was coming here, I heard a voice. Talking about Love and hurt, trust and betrayal, dyeing and serving and fail and success. But at the beginning it said the test. Then at the end, it said the labyrinth is the key.” Stares. “Would y’all stop staring and talk to me.”
“Sorry its just... you may be on to something” Jayce says. “What do you think Luke?”
“She’s right. The weapons, the food, supplies, its all meant for the labyrinth.”
“Y-you guys can’t be serious? You really believe her?”
“Yes.” Jayce says.
“Well I think we should stay here and do what we’re doing.” She says arms crossed.
“Sorry Beth, but Scars onto something.” Scar?
“This is insane. She just came here and you all believe her. I’ve been here for a year. You know me a lot better.”
“But her idea. It may work.” Luke says. I keep my mouth shut. “We’ll talk about it more in the morning. Get some sleep guys.” We all nod, except Beth. She grunts.
The Labyrinth is the Key? What does that mean?
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