The Last Alchemist
“Witchcraft!” The crowd shouted. The young girl stood shivering in the center of the angry mob. Her long blonde hair matted against her neck as she began to sweat. She held a vial of purple liquid in her shaking hands, as smoke the shape of butterflies emerged from the uncapped lid.
“No!” She weakly called out, showing her creation to the crowd. Inside the vial, the contents began to form shapes within. Some morphed into the shape of stars, some became a rising or setting sun. Nevertheless, every shape showed the beauty of nature.
She weakly smiled as a child stepped from the crowd. His freckled face full of confusion as he took in all the shapes. His pale green eyes reflected the dazzling light that radiated from within the vial. “You made this?” He inquired.
“Yes...” She whispered. She held the potion out so he could get a better look. “What does it do?” He breathed.
Smiling, the girl clutched the vial in her fist. “Watch!”
And with that, she smashed the potion to the ground. A boom of purple smoke appeared around the smashed vial pieces. The puddle of potion began to swirl on the ground, and the amazed crowd watched, as it took on the form of a deer.
Poking at the ground nervously, the deer looked around at the humans surrounding it. It let out a whimper.
“So thats all it does then?” Came a snide remark from the crowd. “It just turns into deer?”
“More then that!’’ The girl called back. She turned to the cowering deer.
“Transform!” She commanded.
Nodding in obedience, the deer slowly lost its shape, and was soon a ball of potion floating in the air. Then, two wings grew from the ball, two feet soon followed. And in one quick POOF the liquid became a soaring hawk.
The crowd stood, transfixed watching a glittery, purple, liquid hawk flying over them.
“This can’t be....” Muttered an old woman clutching a basket full of eggs.
The girl’s smile cracked, but remained beaming. She did not know if they liked it or not.
“How did you do that!” Cried the boy.
This was the part the girl had been dreading, but she was so exited, she spewed out every ingredient, every temperature, even the type of cauldron she used.
She saw the crowds happy faces, turn sour and betrayed. “You used...humming bird feathers?” She spun around, and saw the town priest looking at her with a stoney cold face.
The girl felt her stomach drop. “Y-yes...I mean....oh no....” The humming bird was the towns sacred animal. Anyone who was caught killing or using it in any way, they were to be punished in every way possible.
“Not only did you use humming bird feathers,” The priest growled, clutching his scarlet robes. “But you also used melon weed!” The crowd yelled in fury. Melon weeds, were the weeds that overtook a growing melon, and prevented it from reaching fruit hood. It was considered poison in her village.
“Witchcraft!” The crowd chanted once more. “Down with the Witch!”
A jagged stone caught her in the thigh. Looking up in shock, she saw the boy picking up rocks. Anger in his eyes.
The priest picked up a rock and pelted it at her knee. The old woman tossed one at her stomach, and soon, everyone was trying to pelt the poor girl with stones.
A very sharp one soared through the air, aimed a the back of her neck. The blow would have proven to be fatal......if she had been hit by it.
The potion spirit threw itself in front of the girl, and blocked the rock aimed at her neck. It burst and lost its shape, but it had saved it’s owner....the Alchemist Alice.
Alice pushed her way through the crowd, tears staining her eyes, and the lingering potion drops on her hands urged her to go on.
The Guardian potion had served its purpose. It saved her in her time of need. She finally escaped the mob, still feeling the rocks being pelted at her heels.
Kicking up dirt with her boots, she took one last look at the town she loved, but hated her back.
“Never again,” she whispered as she clambered into the forest that bordered the village. “One day, I will be there only hope...and I will not help them. I will watch them burn.”

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