The Last Bullet:
Delivery Mission
Forced into war
“Do you think our friends left without us?” Sapphirah asked Paul.
They were still wandering near the cells, not knowing what was happening.
“Let’s go check outside?” Paul suggested.
“Um... okay,” Sapphirah shrugged her shoulders. The Israeli girl and the British man wandered out to the gates of the prison.
No one was there, except they saw a police car leaving.
“They really forgot us?” Paul gasped.
“No, it can’t be!” Sapphirah said, astonished.
“We still have God,” Paul said, “Even though our friends betrayed us.”
“What if our friends are caught in the car with Cobra and Viper? Maybe they’re kidnapped!” Sapphirah said.
“I don’t think so,” Paul said, “If they were, then the officers will bring them here!”
“Paul!” Sapphirah snapped, “This is the 29th century! Anything an happen in this dystopian world! Even our fellow brother in Christ, Josiah was killed!”
Paul sighed, then oofed.
“It’s okay, Sapphirah,” Paul admitted, “At least God will never let us dow-“
Paul was thrown onto the ground by a robot soldier, who had watched the whole situation.
His computer first told them they were toilet cleaners, then it told him they were believers of Christ.
So he charged.
Paul groaned in pain, as the robot smashed his fist into Paul’s rib.
Sapphirah kicked the robot, but another robot appeared and pulled her down.

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