The Dragon child Series
The Last Wings
Chapter 1: Angel versus Raven
It was dark... black like the ink that sometimes leaks from your pen when you write. The story contains a lot about pens though. A very used pen. The Mind Feather. When the pen sees a good idea it would scribble the idea on whatever it could find. A wall, a chair, the door, your arms. And the idea it wrote comes true.
But for Raven, the Mind Ink could cause a lot of trouble.
And for Angel, the Mind Ink was a blessing.
Raven was a 13 year old girl with a big attitude. She constantly had ideas, and with the Mind Feather, it caused trouble.
Angel was also a 13 year old girl who was polite and sweet. She lived in a small town and was going into poverty, and with the Mind Feather, her family could be saved.
But what Angel and Raven didn’t know, is that when they were born, a war started.
Angel and Raven were cousins, and no they had no idea either of them existed.
Their family split into two halves when they were born, you see, they were both great candidates for a the destiny of, the dragon child.
One of them would have to die.
Now aside from that unfriendly topic of death, I am Shadow. I am not human, elf, dragon, or any other vile creature. I am a cat. A black Balinese in fact. A black mask covers my face and allows me to follow these dragon children. I am actually an important part in their journey.
Now, back to the debate.
First, we will talk of Angel.
Angel, the kinder of the two, was as calm as still water. Her bright crimson hair gives off the aura of hope and light, and if you looked into her silver eyes a wave of happiness flowed onto you.
But what Angel had that was unique, was the two angel wings on both her palms. If she were to touch you with her hands, any doubt or sadness would just disappear.
But the price of this happiness was heavy on her family. They were losing money and were in terrible debt. But If you knew Angel you would think she was happy with any amount of money she had. And she was. She was grateful for anything she had.
Like most people she wanted to help everyone around her. Angel would help farmers, field workers, to harvest with them
But, Angel did have something that was very uncommon though. A Mind feather.
Whatever she and her family needed she could think of and they had it.
The mind feather could not be used for greedy purposes, so they could not have money.
But, Angel and her family got by alright.
For now.
As for Raven, her family was, (if you haven’t already guessed it), rich. But Raven didn’t get much of this wealth. She had a small fortune of her own, about $1,000 for her own purposes, and her parents said it should last her until she left the house.
Raven also had a Mind feather. But, she didn’t use it for good like her cousin, Angel did.
Raven was extremely interested in witchcraft, hexes, and over all magic.
She used her Mind feather to curse classmates, teachers, even her own friends. Well maybe we shouldn’t call them friends maybe close allies.
Her mother was a doctor, and her father was a veterinarian. Her father owned various animal shelters, and her mother owned a hospital.
Everyone knew this.
But what most people didn’t know about Raven is that she had a wolf pup. This pup’s name was Akuma, which meant demon in Japanese. Raven knew a lot about medicine and healing. She had studied her mother’s work and watched her father’s employees.
Raven’s parents were very overprotective of her, they tried to keep her from doing anything rash. Raven even had a body guard of her own.
On the backs of her hands, Raven had pairs of black angel wings. If you were to be grabbed with her hands you would experience the greatest pain in your life.
Raven also knew a lot about fighting. She could use almost any weapon around. A staff, a dagger, whatever she could find she could use.
It seemed all of Raven’s fighting skills would be useless.
For now.
Well, now that you know a little about each of these girls. I suppose you can begin to see who you like better.
Angel or Raven?
Don’t decide to hastily though. There is still more to come.

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