The Legend of Glacius by Indigo5B

By Indigo
The Legend of Glacius
Cas blinked away the sleep that encrusted her eyes. She felt the urge to yawn.
“Stop it!” she scolded herself, quietly.
She slipped out of bed and crept towards the fireplace. Herr Father had the hearing of an eagle. He was sharp and harsh in training but if you knew him well he was a real sweetheart to children.
The door creaked as she slowly swung it open. She grimaced, Cas could just imagine Father’s grim face and Henry’s smirk as they told her to pick up sheep muck for a week.
Cas groaned quietly. “That’s just great” she moaned.
Cas slid across the floor to find Father and Marblo – who was Father’s friend – sitting grimly on the couch and glancing at her and Henry.
“Hey, Cassandra!” ginned Henry, as he looked up from his book.
“Don’t call me that” she said, glaring at him, “Call me Cas.”
“Little brothers are so annoying!” she moaned, “I am going to ride Palesky” said Cas, after a while, as she exited the house.
Cas plodded silently towards the barn. The mud squelched under her boots. And in that time, she thought about all the rules she has broken so far.
Girls were supposed to wear dresses and slippers but Cas usually settled for leather boots, a forest, green, woven shirt, a dull brown leggings and when he was hunting, a nice warm cloak.
Henry and Cas worked as a team most of the time. Henry was really social. So if he found out someone wanted to marry Cas. They would ran away into their secret den and only come back once they got over Cas. Back then, men chose who to marry. The woman couldn’t say anything about it. And Cas wanted to be a Maiden until she found true love.
Cas had blonde hair. Her eyes were blue. Her skin was peppered with dark freckles and had pale skin. Her skin never seemed to tan. Her ears were always pointed, so it looked like she was an elf.
Henry on the other hand was different. You could never tell they were siblings until they said so.
Henry had a coppery tan. With a mop of black hair. He had glittering sea-green eyes. And his mouth never appeared to stop smiling. He was social person and he made Cas laugh. A lot.
All these thoughts were swirling in her head as the smell hit her.
Cas tried hard not to retch. There, standing two feet away from her was a big pile of stinky droppings.
Cas blocked her nose. “Cow droppings. Of course.” Mr Smith’s cows had been going wild. They had probably got out. Again.
She sidestepped and jumped over the fence into the paddock.
“That was close” she muttered.
Cas looked around. To her right were a group of snowy white stallions, grazing. To her left was a pale grey stallion with darker hooves. Heer eyes were blue-sliver and full of intelligence.
Cas sighed in relief. She hasn’t been in any fights with Sandstriker, Molly’s horse.
She looked at the vivid, sand-coloured stallion. Sandstriker was bulky. He was bigger and stronger then Palesky but Palesky was small and quick. So she could get a few nicks in before Sandstriker totally bashed her.
Molly was…well…beautiful. She had jet black hair. It was glossy and perfect. Her body was in an unspoiled shape. Her father was rich, so she were lots of expensive dresses. Molly usually wore a silk, purple dress with silver lining. She didn’t even ride Sandstriker.
Palesky galloped towards her. She neighed happily and nudged Cas with her nose.
“Come on, Palesky. Let’s ride!”
Cas felt free when she rode Palesky. She felt like she could flee all her fears and worries.
Everything was going perfect until she saw Henry running in the distance. Cas rode towards him. As she got closer, she could see the fear winning over rather than tiredness.
“Something is wrong” thought Cas, “Henry doesn’t worry”
Palesky slowed but didn’t stop. Cas swiftly slid off and grabbed Henry’s shoulders and shook him.
“What happened?” asked Cas, frantically.
Mother Cerous…prophecy…dying…can’t save-“ Henry puffed.
But Cas didn’t hear the rest. She dragged Henry into Palesky and raced to Mother Cerous’ house.
When the prophecy woman said a prophecy it drain them. If they have too many prophecy’s they… die. Cas didn’t want to lose another family member. She wanted a permanent family. A family that was alive. Unlike her parents. As she rode to the village, she saw crowds gathering around Mother Cerous’ house.
Cas reigned in Paleskyand urgently pushed through the crowd. Finally she managed to reached door. It was blood red and old fashioned. Cas forcefully pushed on the door.
Mother Cerous was lying on the animal-fur bed. She was pale and shaky. Her hair was stringy with sweat. Mother Cerous’ mouth was dry and her eyes were wild.
“It has happened once” whispered Henry, “She spoke the prophecy once. Legend says that the prophecy woman speaks twice.”
Cas shook with fear. Mother Cerous was on the edge of death. This was going to kill her. Her last prophecy was going to kill her.
Suddenly, black mist coiled out of her mouth and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Only the whites showed. All of a sudden, Mother Cerous glowed a blinding white.
Mother Cerous opened her mouth and started to speak, but it wasn’t her voice…
“Two that shared blood
Must venture into the
Mountains Hold
Unleash the
Might Beast
And save the
Earth’s soul”
“Beth…Henry…Two that shared blood…Venture Mountain Hold” gasped Mother Cerous.
Cas gripped her hand, “Don’t go!” sobbed Cas, “I don’t wanna-“Cas trailed off. She was blabbering and sobbing at the same time.
After a while, Mother Cerous said, “I am just going to have a little nap. But I will always be there. I will be your voice.”
Cas just nodded. Hearing what she said but not processing that she was saying goodbye.
Cas walked into the kitchen. A pot of soup was sitting on the bench. “May as well help myself.” Cas started stirring the pot for dinner.
Everyone eat and talked about the prophecy. Cas looked over to see Mother Cerous sleeping peacefully. Cas didn’t get the time to look at her properly but now that she did, she was in awe.
Cerous had pale skin. Her hair was glossy black and she had rosy cheeks. When Cerous’ hair was out –which was right now- it softened her wrinkles and her square jaw. Her nose was upturned and when you looked at her face, you could tell if she saw you in trouble she will help you.
Cas walked to Mother Cerous. She shook hre lightly and tried to hand her the food. She didn’t wake. She shook her a bit more rough now. Still no luck. Cas stood there paralysed. She looked back in her memory that said she was saying goodbye. Mother Cerous said it was rude to go without saying goodbye.
Cas’ eyes widened. Back when Mother Cerous was awake she said “I am just going to have a little nap. But I will always be there. I will be your voice.” Mother Cerous was saying she would go but help her on the quest of the prophecy.
And now Cas screamed.
Everyone rushed in. Cas had stopped screaming but had collapsed on the floor, howling.
Everyone huddled around Cas and shared their warmth and happiness. They sat like this for hours until Cas finally said “We’re going on this quest!”
“Said who?” growled Father, “I will not loose another family member! I won’t!”
“Father! Are you going to let Mother Cerous die in vain? You need to let me go!”
“And she is going nowhere without me!” grinned Henry.
Father looked back and forth at the children. He sighed. “You are not babies anymore. You have to go.”
It took half of the day when they were packing. They had to have: Bows, quivers, swords, matches, daggers, camping stuff and food.
Cas and Henry sat quietly. Planning where they were going to camp. We are going to camp first at: Bluefish River then Rabbithop Hill then Woodchip forest and lastly Icicle Glacier, where the dragon lives.
“I love you!” choked Father.
Cas nodded. Not trusting herself to talk. And then she turned around and headed into the woods.
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