Book One of The Whitewolf Chronicles
White Wolf
- How It All Starts
It was seven in the morning, and I was quietly making my breakfast. My twin brother Jay was sleeping on the couch, shifting once in a while in his sleep. We live alone. After our mom died and our dad disappeared when I was little, our Aunt Jenny took us under her wing. But then she too left. That didn’t really effect us though, since we never really liked her. She was too strict and never took us anywhere. So far, everyone thinks our Aunt lives with us and is taking care of us. And I have no idea why.
How do we sustain ourselves? Of course we’re too young for a job, but since my dad disappeared and my mom’s dead, we found my dad’s will with all the money going to us and for Aunt Jenny to be our legal guardian. As I ate, I started thinking about what I could do today, since I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep if I even tried. Huh. I thought the first week of summer break would be more interesting. It was too early to go to my best friend Robin’s house. We were friends since we were little. Him, Jay, and me were inseparable, even now at 14.
My favorite place in the world?
The woods. I love it, and something draws me to it like a magnet. I decided to go there, so I write a note, saying ‘I am going to the woods. If you need me, I will be at the treehouse.’ The treehouse was built when we were 11 and Robin 12 by us. We started out with a small room-like treehouse, but over the years, we upgraded it. Now, its got 2 rooms, a porch, and furniture. With chairs, small, light beds, tables, and even a little mini fridge. I grab a water bottle from the fridge and put it in a green book bag that I carry around with me all the time. I walk out the door, and hop on my bike.
Soon, I was in the woods. Trees surrounded everything, and dead leaves crunched under my feet, as bird songs echoed through the forest. I climbed over some fallen trees, now dead and full of moss. There are lot of those here.
Finally, I arrive at the treehouse. I leaned my bike againt an oak trunk, and climbed up the rough rope, soon leading me to the main porch. Up there, I examined the map of the woods we hung up. It shows all of the woods, and I saw that only a part of it is unexplored by us.
I had a feeling of adventure today, and maybe I could find something interesting. I rolled the map and placed it in my bookbag and, climbing down, I see a wolf in the distance. As fast as it came, it was gone.
When I got to the unexplored area, I couldn’t get my eyes off the place.
There was a meadow, with a river running through it, and many animals, including deer, foxes, birds, rabbits and squirrels. It was beautiful, with flowers surrounding every corner. As I walked in it, I was surprised that the animals didn’t run away. One of the deer even came up to me and let me pet it. I looked around again. Then my gaze landed on a cave. Curiosity filled me, and I found myself walking towards it. Soon, I was at the entrance.
It was huge, with stalactites hanging on the dark ceiling. I sawa faint green light coming from inside. I took some steps inside, my hand running over the rough, cool wall. I took some more steps, my dark eyes taking in every detail. Suddenly, my phone rings. I glanced down at my pocket, and took my phone out.
“Hey Lynx!” It was Robin.
“Hey Robin? What’s up?”
“We’re going to buy a pizza for lunch, want to join us? “ I thought about it.
“Ok, I’ll be there is a few minutes.”
“Ok.” He hung up. I turned around and start walking out, but stopped. I will definitely come tommorow. Looking once again back at the cave, I stepped out to the meadow. Then, I started running to the treehouse, and, once there, hopped on my bike that was against the oak trunk and went home, leaving the forest’s beauty. Soon, I was home.
As I walked through the door, the delicious aroma of pizza wafted through my nose. Robin gave me a slice that I accepted gratefully. He has messy spiky blond hair, bright emerald eyes and tan skin. He always knows how to make me laugh. He is fun, energetic, and can be imature sometimes. Jay sits down at the table to eat. He has dark shaggy hair that runs a little over his ears, dull blue eyes, light skin, loves to read, and is very intelligent. He is very laid back, a little quiet at times, wise, but he knows how to have fun. Me and Robin sit down too. As we ate, my mind wondered about the green glow in the cave. Was was it? Could it be an alien? No, they don’t exist. Maybe I could try to find some info on my computer later. I loved computers. I loved to make things and could hack almost anything. My father showed me before he disappeared. I shared his love for computers and technology. That’s why when we were little, Robin nicknamed me Lynx, a famous computer company in my city. Only he calls me that, though.. Then, my mind wondered to the wolf I saw. Wolves aren’t supposed to live in the forests here, especially with people going there a lot. My thoughts were interrupted when Robin waved his hand centimeters in front of my face.
“Hello? Earth to Lynx!” I realized they were both staring at me. “What Jay was saying was if you had found anything new in the woods.” I hesitated for a moment. I didn’t want to tell them about the glowing cave. I wanted to find something for myself for once. Besides, maybe I’m just seeing things, maybe it’s my imagination. “Oh, um...nothing new...yeah.”
Way to go, Akala! You totally didn’t show that you were lying. Robin raised an eyebrow. Then went back to his signature smirk. As I reached for another slice of pizza, Jay spoke up.
“Hey guys, I saw something strange today.” He paused before continuing. “ While going for a walk today I saw a white wolf cross the street.” I froze, mid bite. Jay looked at me strangely.
“Is everything all right?” I bit my lip.
“Um...Yeah why wouldn’t it be?” I laughed nervously. He gave me the ‘look’. I sighed. “I saw that wolf too near the treehouse.” Robin smiled.
“That’s cool!”
Jay cleared his throat before continuing again.
“The thing is, it was huge! Much more larger than any other wolf I know.” Then Robin stood up, his chair screeching.
“Well, who’s up for some video games?” Jay got up too. “Sure.” Jay turned to me. “Want to join us?”
I shrugged. “Why not?” Robin and me sat on the couch while Jay put in a game on the X-Box.
We played all afternoon. Soon, it was dinnertime. I made salad with chicken and croutons. We all sat down and ate in silence. After eating, I decided to go to bed. I took a shower, changed, and got into bed. Soon, I fell in a dreamless sleep.

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