The Life After Doomsday Part 1
The fate of Thomas
New Jersey/New York border June 17,2017 3:19
The unit trudged along the waterfront.Their shotguns and revolvers were clenched tightly,for fear the Jeuagers would strike them down.Brian looked out towards the first in command,Robert Fitizgerald.Robert had been there at the three days of the disaters.Brian had been told about these events.He was too young to remember what had happened.He had been told that 15 locations in the world were destroyed by disaters,then the apperances of black creatures,nicknamed Jeuagers for hunting anything with meat.The 15 locations included Manhattan,Mt.St.Helens,Oakland California,A hospital in Washington state,The Stonehedge,Osaka Japan,Edinburgh Scotland,Paris France,A amusement park in China,The jungles of Veitnam,5 miles of the coast of Chile,Frankfurt Germany,A island in the South Pacifaic,The moutains of Siberia,and Sydney Australia.Then on the second day Anartica,Cairo Egypt,and Kobe Japan.On the third day almost every square inch on the planet was affected by the Jeuagers.Brian looked down at his shotgun.”I hope things are better for you mom” he thought to himself.Patrick David,a private of the third unit ran up.”We found a small fishing boat that floated up to shore he said in his Scotish acent out of breath we would like you to come look at it”.”Alright,we will be there in a moment” said Robert.The two followed Patrick,who had also come along with another private,Thomas Bonds.Thomas would flinch at any sound he heard.Thomas was one of the first people Brain had met and made friends with when he and his mom first came to the survivors camp of New York City.Brain’s mom had died 4 years ago because of very high fever.When they were getting closer to were Patrick said the boat was a man came running towards them.”Thank goddess your back the man yelled we thought something happened to you!”.The man’s name was Henry Kacher.He had short blond hair and green eyes.He looked like he had not shaved for a few days.He stood at 5’4.Henry had also been there during the three disaters days.He used to be a doctor in Greenwich but during evacuation he stumped upon the survivors camp.Two more followed Francis Balzac and the only female on the third unit Carrie Heat.Brain looked at them.He remembered his training days.He was told that the units were to defend the camp,hunt,scvage,and build.There are five units.Each one containing a first in command,a second in command,a medic,and at least 6 or 7 others.When they reached the boat they found George Hold,Ken Ford,Don Lover,and Andrew Witnose.They were standing,guarding the boat.”Alright lets-“said Robert,but was quickly stopped by Thomas screaming.”On my God he shouted with pain it’s a Jeuager”.Everyone turned around.A Jeuager had sliced into Thomas’s back.Blood was pouring into the dirt and water.Everyone quickly pulled their guns and knifes.”Get off of me”Thomas screamed.”Fire” yelled Robert.Within six seconds the air with gunshots and a Jeuager wiping in pain.Soon the Jeuager fell over,dead.Henry ran over to Thomas.He felt his pulse and listened for a heart beat.Henry stood up.A depressing look on his face.”We lost him”Henry mumbled in a mournful way.Everyone surrounded him,giving Thomas a moment of silence.Robert said a little prayer for him and hoped that where ever he went,was a better place then here.”We need to move before it gets dark”Robert said.Every grabbed everything that was useful from the boat and headed back for the camp.

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