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The Light Of Day
The Butterfly Effect
STATEMENT ONE: The Butterfly Effect is the phenomenon where an insignificant decision can have large effects elsewhere, without one’s knowledge; everything happens because of someone’s previous choices.
My best friend killed a man. I’ll change the names of the people in my story for privacy purposes... Let’s call her Adrianna, for she’s dark. The evidence for whatever reason had my DNA all over it... Long story short I was framed and sentenced with Life with parole. Yes, I’m in jail for Adrianna’s crime; there was no point in fighting my case.
When I got in jail, I was informed that The Tree Of Innocence (a tree I’d planted as a child and that has grown to two-hundred yards tall) had fallen and killed a trespasser on my property instantly upon impact.
He fell onto a coyote that had been stalking him down to eat as it’s life-saving meal.
You get the point... Everything happens because of what somebody else has done.

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