December, 23-30th, 2017
The lone ibis #1
The lone ibis
The lone Ibis!!!
But most people call me Bob.
Anyway, hi. I. Am. The lone ibis.
Did you get the vibe that time? Anyway, I think it’s time to start my introduction.
I’m the ibis. The lone ibis, as a matter of fact. I work alone, or rather, lone. My job is to study the humans the come to the ibis rousting island every night. It’s a tough job, but I’m a tough ibis.
I also blog on BirdChat!
Anyway, I’m called the lone ibis because I’m the first one to get to the rousting island every night. I blog about the humans I study, and I do it lone. After all, I. Am. The lone ibis!!!
Okay, you can not tell me you didn’t feel the vibe that time.
Anyway, after studying them for a while, I’ve learned one very valuable lesson:
Humans are sooooooo weird.
I mean, they just keep running around all day in their weird magic running thingy, and then they just go on their magic swimming thingy right before rousting time, and just stop. Next to the swamp that they always seem to be complaining about because of mosquitoes.
I mean, what species doesn’t like mosquitoes for dinner!?!
Then they just stop and sit there, doing nothing but staring off into space. Suddenly when I come along, they just start using their squeaky not-really-a-chip-but-still-some-type-noise and positioning each other’s heads. Then once I find a good place to do my work, they bring out their flashy thingy, and just stare at me, like their studying me.
Humans. Hilarious
Anyway, last night was a bit crazy. Actually, a bit is a understatement.
All I have to say is it’s not my fault everyone completely wrecked my vibes.
So, for the closing of this tree scratching entry,
The lone ibis!!!!
P.S: now you really can not say you didn’t get the vibe.
P.P.S: seriously, don’t say that you didn’t.
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