The Love of None
I KNOW LOVE. Surprisingly. I know why so many people break-up, why we celebrate Valentines day, I just know. I understand love, so much, nobody gives me love.
Hailey told me once (when we were still talking), “Yeah, right. You knowing love?! How can you know, understand love if you’ve never felt it?” Realizing what she said, she blushed, “Sorry Emaya, but, I mean your parents are divorced, and you’re in High School and you’ve never, ever dated.” So many things rushes into my head; So you don’t love me?! Who are you to judge?! “It’s not like you have a power or something,” I catch my breath, “because that’s fake.” She said it with so much certaincy I almost believed her, almost, because I of all people should know that’s a lie. I almost wanted to tell her, but I didn’t.
Our friendship ended soon after.
“H-hi, J-john.” I was so nervous. John was blushing, the October Dance & Bash was on Friday, and he was walking towards me. PING! I ignored the match. “Uh, hey, Em.” Awww, he was so cute! He was nervous and had a nickname for me! Em. It didn’t get more romantic than this, exept it did and didn’t- “Fae’s in your class right?” I stared at him. Did he want to kill me inside?! I should have listened to the warning. I was a human who knew LOVE, and I didn’t even use it? “Yes, Fae is in my class.” I say grudgingly. His face lights up, and I think he says, “Lucky you.“, but I can’t tell for sure. “Well, could you give this to her?” He gives me a pink/orange package with the message, For Fae, from John ;) No doubt there’s probably an invitation to the October Dance in there. It makes me want to puke. “Sure.” I say. “THANKS!” He grins and walks away.
When he leaves I pull up the match.
John’s Current Match: Fae Livinz
I groan and put my head down.
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