ByJorja TayloR series 1 book 1 3 chapters
The Magic Horse
Finding the magic horse
One day there was a little 9 year old called Lilly. She really wanted a horse her birthday was coming up she was hoping to get a chestnut horse named Magic. Lilly begged her mum and her mum keeped saying no.
On the next day she went for a walk and found the horse that she really wanted. She hoped on the horse I think I will name her Magic. Lilly rang her mum to say she found a really friendly horse and she named it Magic “can I Have her please”, “alright Lilly’s mum said”, only if you take care of her “yes I will Lilly said”.
Chapter 2
Lilly’s Bithday
“Wake up said Lilly’s mum”, it’s your Birthday
We have presents already for you and you already now about your horse.
Come down stairs after you are ready for your friends to come over.
Time to open your presents first one is from dad, it is a horse saddle and bridle. This one is from me a horse lead rope and grooms and horse feed. This is from grandma and grandpa some lollies and horse gear. Here is your first friend maybe you can go out to magic and lead her around.
Chapter 3
the trail ride
“Let’s go for at trail ride said Lilly’s mum”, with the pony club and with Bella. What pony do you want to ride? “Said Lilly to Bella. “I will take Magic to the pony club and get him fitter said Lilly.”
The next ten minutes there was a big BOOM! “what was that said Bella”, I think it was a big tree? “Said Lilly”.
“Let’s go take a look”, Lilly’s mum said”, it turned out to be a man who has a gun. “Maybe we should leave then”, the man herd Lilly and turned to Lilly,Bella and Lilly’s mum...
The End
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