The Magic of Music by Shakespear538

by shakespear538
The Magic of Music
Timy was a small boy who lived with his mother under a big tree in a forest in the east of Scotland. But they didn´t live there for fun. They were one of the very poor families, that had to live without a house, only with each other and the few things that they had to wear. But although they were very poor his mother Catherine had always cared and looked for him. One thing they both liked most was dancing. They did it every day and it was always fun.
But then Catherine became very ill. She couldn´t play and dance with Timy anymore and she couldn´t get any food for them. And that was a really serious problem, because little Timy couldn´t go to the city alone to beg for money. But Timy knew, that his mother was going to die, if he didn´t go to the city and got the drugs for her.
So one night Timy left the tree and went to the city. He marvelled about the colorful leaves and the animals, that lived in the forest. After a long walk Timy saw the lights of the city. Running faster he finally reached the city.
When Timy came to the big place in the middle of the city, he was surprised. There were so many people over there! And then he realized that there was a quiet but powerful piano tune all over the place. Timy listened enchanted for a while. And then he started to follow the music. He walked through all the people until he was standing in front of the stage.
Here the music was a little bit louder, but it was as beautiful as before. Timy looked up to the stage and saw the pianist. He was a man, not older than his mother. But the music he played was incredibly beautiful. Timy started dancing like in a dream. The time flashed past and when the music stopped Timy saw that the sun already rose. He went to a bench and sat down. He was so tired that he felt asleep immediately.
When Timy woke up the next day, he remembered the last night and smiled. But then he thought of his mother and he got frightened. He had forgotten to steal the drugs for her. In the big city Timy wandered around and didn´t know where to go.Eventually he heard a quiet melody. Timy thought, that he had heard this melody before and he was tightened by this tune. When he followed the music he remembered, that it was the piano tune he had heard the night before at the concert. Shortly after Timy arrived at a big, warm house.
Timy went into the house - the door was unlocked - and followed the music until he stepped into a room where a man played piano. He listened and got frightened when suddenly the music stopped. The man turned around and said: “Hello. Don´t you think it´s impolite to go into a stranger´s house without knocking?” Timy was embarrassed. However, the man laughed and added with a friendly voice: “Doesn’t matter, boy. I’m George and I´ve seen you before. You weren’t the boy, who was dancing in front of the stage at my concert, were you?” “Yes, you played great”, Timy stuttered. George replied: “And I liked your dancing. But why were you alone at the concert? Where are your parents?” Timy told him all about his mother and her illness. George wanted to help Timy and his mother. He bought the medicines for Catherine and showed Timy the way back to the forest.
On the way to the forest George told Timy about his idea: “Would you like to be with me on the stage? I play piano and you dance? Of course I will pay you for that.” Timy was happy about the idea and agreed. First he went home to his mother and brought her the medicines. In the next month Timy practised every day with George and after this hard work they had their first presentation on stage. The audience was enthusiastic and Catherine, who was cured in the mean time, sat in the first row. She was very happy and proud of her son.
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