The Magician’s Daughter
Part Two: Sorceress
Strange Happenings
This is Part Two of the book The Magician’s Daughter the story will not make sense if you read this first. Go to search tags and search for unbeliever then go to long form books. Please do this, I want this to make sense.
I walked down the street to my house, the Creampuff house. It had been nearly a month since my friend, Maggie’s, dog had disappeared. We had been searching all over, but I noticed she had seemed less hopeful, I thought there was something she wasn’t telling me. Along with that, when I walked past her house, her window was missing; there was a gaping, window shaped, hole in the side of the wall.
There were strange things happening in my house too, Violet used to cry whenever Kiki talked to her, now she looked perfectly happy. I heard talking coming from Rhoda and Violet’s room, but when I poked my head in, only Violet would be in the room, and playing with a toy innocently. I wasn’t going to suspect my own sister of being an impostor, though, if she was an impostor she wouldn’t be my sister . . . But something strange was going on with my two youngest siblings, Rhoda and Violet.
Kiki was practically living at my house, she was sleeping in my parents’ bedroom and making herself comfortable. But she seemed to be acting strangely, I always found her skulking around the mantle, on top of which we kept my box. It always went to the eldest child, it had been my mother’s, I always kept it locked—it was the only thing in the house that Kiki didn’t have access to. It consequently was the place where I kept the medallion that Maggie gave me to keep safe, only my eight year old sister, Lorina, knew I had it, and where it was. I knew that because she was trusted with a secret, she would keep it—I also knew that she had a grudge to settle with Kiki, so keeping a secret from her would be wondrous.

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